Thursday, July 29, 2010


This is my last week of my G.I.A.N.T budget creation (if I were a tax accountant, this week would be the week before April 15th). Anyways, I've found a new way to cut the budget. Do you think everyone will go for it?

Also, I hope everyone is liking my eccentric music playlist!! I've saved your ears from most of my favorite hip hop and rap and heavy stuff..... :)  Which brings me to one of my biggest gripes in pop culture. Why can't modern rap and hip hop be more benign and kid friendly? I mean, is it really cool to have a felony? To be packin and poppin cops and talk about hustlin'? News flash, chances are if you're a famous rap star, you're probably not still on the corner hustling. Rappers could be more like country singers. The lyrics could be about a tear in their 40 ounce and their wife leavin them for uncle fred who won the lotto. Or their dog Bessie who runs along behind the tractor. HA!

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