Monday, June 28, 2010

Sweet like sugah. (and sometimes sour too)

When we were at the Chick Fil A playground the other day, Judah said to this little girl, "this is my brother Quinn (pointing to Quinn)... and I have a baby too, baby Dean (his cousin in atlanta)... and come down the slide, I want you to see my girl". When they came down the slide, he smiled his brightest smile and said "this is my girl, her name is Mama".....

Seriously, could it be any sweeter?

......but then ten minutes later we had to leave the play area because Judah would not listen & obey. That is why he is the sweet & sour bear. ;)

Then last night, G and the boys were wrestling in our bed have the best ol' time, laughing for ten minutes straight. Then Judah had his light bulb moment of the best idea and told G to "hold on, I've gotta go get something".... came back to the bed beaming like he just found the golden ticket with his spiderman hockey stick and whacked G across the shins with it like "I WIN"..... Ummm. Homey don't play that. Where does he learn these things? And why did he think G would think that was a brilliant plan to add to their wrestling? Ahh, like my friend Beth said, boys.......

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