Saturday, June 5, 2010

Goofballs and Bocce Balls.

Last weekend we had the best "cookout".... tons of food, giant baby pool, bocce ball, fire pit, smores, games....
Go Uncle "Wheel" Go!! (good thing Will's butt is small, Mama's butt ain't fitting down that slide too well!)
This corn is MAGIC.
Grill Master G.
Now that's a mischievous trio if I ever saw one!
And two people that look very sweet, but don't let that fool you- there is mischief there too!
Ahhhh, Gavin, that pink lipstick is so YOU! (we were playing Qwelf again)....
I'm surrounded by goofballs! Look at this dude pretending to sleep.....


Judah: this hug is worth more than gold
Just me n' my bahs (balloons)...
Free chick fil a sandwiches, free milkshake, indoor play place, nicest employees, cleanest restaurants, can I go give Truett Cathy's family a hug already?
Here is my shout out to the Ladson Flea Market. We got ALL of this grapes, kiwi, watermelon, tomato, onion, mango, peaches, cabbage, green beans, corn, zuchinni, bananas and 30 fresh brown eggs for $21. And over half of that was locally grown.

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Home school Mom said...

ooooohhhh.....I love, love all the produce for a good deal and I love that it's locally grown! How GREAT! Your boys are adorable too!! :D What a blessed Mama you are!!

Hey...I just had the Miller family here for 3 days! Good times.....their girls are growing so big and so cute! :D I have to edit some pics, but soon I will have a few up! They are busy little girls, so it was hard to take too many! ha ha :)

Betsy @
A Day In The Life.....