Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Giggling Ninja & Headwound Harry.

Dear diary,  today we went to the Wannamaker park for some almost free fun.

I don't think these boys are aware at Clemson's big FAIL at the college world series (or is it the baseball world cup, or the baseball supernova, or the baseball big blast)?

Quinn is definitely Massive Head Wound Harry *lemme tell you something*.
Please excuse the fact that every single time you see a picture of Quinn he has new bruises on his forehead. If he got a nickle for every fall, bump, scrap he got, his college would be paid for by now! I'm not sure if his noggin is much heavier than the rest of his body, or he's just much clumsier than Judah with falling and smashing his face into the ground. All I know is that thank God that child is the most resilient kid I've ever seen. Maybe he'll be the next Chuck Norris! That's why on Quinn's calendar, there is no April first, because NO one fools Quinn Robert.


Kah-Rah-Taaaaay CHOP.

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