Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fam, Glam, Grim Reaper and Dads

My awesome sis and her family came to charleston!! We always have so much fun with them. This time was no exception.................
Julie made SMORE pie.  *I smell heaven*...............

And of course, you can't visit charleston without a trip to the beach.
My sweet little nephew who I wanted to eat! Look at that chubby wubb and that dark hair!
Serenity now. Ahhhh.
I love these people. (my sis and nephew Devon)..
C'mon Uncle Fee. Bend it like Beckham!
Why can't we be together forever! Tear!
I had to post this picture, cause this is the stance Judah is in EVERY day, all day, with his cars, trucks, trains, dinosaurs, fishes, lizards.. just laying on the ground watching them move along the floor..

Baby Dean is afraid I'm going to eat him!!
Proud Mimi with all of her grands.
Uncle Fee loves his Quinny.

Does chubby get any cuter than this?

Cousins photo shoot!!
Quinny is my little clown.
I can imagine life in a few years.
Judah: Hey Devon, let's go find snakes and put them in everyones pillow cases as a special surpise.
Devon: Ok!

We got to hang with our peeps, the VanHoutens and go swimming!
Here are our big boys, Jackson and Judah practising swimming!

Yay for pools in 150 degree weather!
Look at the lil buds!! Our little sharks.

Let me hear you say "Y-M-C-A"..... I just wanted to post that we finally got new sand for the awesome sandbox one of our great friends gave us! And the boys love it! Would it be weird for me to buy the boys full length leotards as sand resistant play wear?

Look who we saw at Target!
It's the Grim Reaper! It left it's sickle at Bed, Bath and Beyond..

And last but not least! Happeeeeee Fathers Day to two guys I love more than words. Who have changed my life and my kids lives so much and I can't imagine life without you!!

And happy father's day to our other sweet Dads: Jose & Ramon!


Robinson Family said...

Gotta have that S'more pie recipe! I think that's what is missing from my nutritious pregnancy diet. And love those shots of Judah and Cuz in the grass. THey are so handsome!

Home school Mom said...

oooh.....I agree...that s'mores recipe should be on here! Looks like you had fun with your sista and family! Love all the precious! :D