Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Under my ummm-ba-rella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh

What do you do with two little munchkins who just wanna run around and it's raining? Why pull out hats & rain boots of course!

We only had to drive for about three minutes before we found this massive puddle!

This picture of Quinn is so silly. He's so little and those boots are so big!
Kid's rain hat. Check. Kid's rain boots. Check. Towel, spare pair o' underwear for J and diaper for Q, check. Umbrella, check. Keys, camera, purse. Check. Totally inappropriate shoes to chase after one year old in massive puddle. Bur Burr.
 (ps. they might be done for, 300 gallons of nasty frog water vs. the target shoes. Ain't lookin so hot for the target shoes)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sweet like sugah. (and sometimes sour too)

When we were at the Chick Fil A playground the other day, Judah said to this little girl, "this is my brother Quinn (pointing to Quinn)... and I have a baby too, baby Dean (his cousin in atlanta)... and come down the slide, I want you to see my girl". When they came down the slide, he smiled his brightest smile and said "this is my girl, her name is Mama".....

Seriously, could it be any sweeter?

......but then ten minutes later we had to leave the play area because Judah would not listen & obey. That is why he is the sweet & sour bear. ;)

Then last night, G and the boys were wrestling in our bed have the best ol' time, laughing for ten minutes straight. Then Judah had his light bulb moment of the best idea and told G to "hold on, I've gotta go get something".... came back to the bed beaming like he just found the golden ticket with his spiderman hockey stick and whacked G across the shins with it like "I WIN"..... Ummm. Homey don't play that. Where does he learn these things? And why did he think G would think that was a brilliant plan to add to their wrestling? Ahh, like my friend Beth said, boys.......

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Giggling Ninja & Headwound Harry.

Dear diary,  today we went to the Wannamaker park for some almost free fun.

I don't think these boys are aware at Clemson's big FAIL at the college world series (or is it the baseball world cup, or the baseball supernova, or the baseball big blast)?

Quinn is definitely Massive Head Wound Harry *lemme tell you something*.
Please excuse the fact that every single time you see a picture of Quinn he has new bruises on his forehead. If he got a nickle for every fall, bump, scrap he got, his college would be paid for by now! I'm not sure if his noggin is much heavier than the rest of his body, or he's just much clumsier than Judah with falling and smashing his face into the ground. All I know is that thank God that child is the most resilient kid I've ever seen. Maybe he'll be the next Chuck Norris! That's why on Quinn's calendar, there is no April first, because NO one fools Quinn Robert.


Kah-Rah-Taaaaay CHOP.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fam, Glam, Grim Reaper and Dads

My awesome sis and her family came to charleston!! We always have so much fun with them. This time was no exception.................
Julie made SMORE pie.  *I smell heaven*...............

And of course, you can't visit charleston without a trip to the beach.
My sweet little nephew who I wanted to eat! Look at that chubby wubb and that dark hair!
Serenity now. Ahhhh.
I love these people. (my sis and nephew Devon)..
C'mon Uncle Fee. Bend it like Beckham!
Why can't we be together forever! Tear!
I had to post this picture, cause this is the stance Judah is in EVERY day, all day, with his cars, trucks, trains, dinosaurs, fishes, lizards.. just laying on the ground watching them move along the floor..

Baby Dean is afraid I'm going to eat him!!
Proud Mimi with all of her grands.
Uncle Fee loves his Quinny.

Does chubby get any cuter than this?

Cousins photo shoot!!
Quinny is my little clown.
I can imagine life in a few years.
Judah: Hey Devon, let's go find snakes and put them in everyones pillow cases as a special surpise.
Devon: Ok!

We got to hang with our peeps, the VanHoutens and go swimming!
Here are our big boys, Jackson and Judah practising swimming!

Yay for pools in 150 degree weather!
Look at the lil buds!! Our little sharks.

Let me hear you say "Y-M-C-A"..... I just wanted to post that we finally got new sand for the awesome sandbox one of our great friends gave us! And the boys love it! Would it be weird for me to buy the boys full length leotards as sand resistant play wear?

Look who we saw at Target!
It's the Grim Reaper! It left it's sickle at Bed, Bath and Beyond..

And last but not least! Happeeeeee Fathers Day to two guys I love more than words. Who have changed my life and my kids lives so much and I can't imagine life without you!!

And happy father's day to our other sweet Dads: Jose & Ramon!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Best Mama in the whole world!

It's my Mom's birthday today! It would take more than a blog post to tell you what a wonderful Mom she is. I've never met anyone more kind, loving, give-the-shirt-off-her-back, hard-working, sweet, best Mom, wife and Mimi! Happy Birthday *best mama in the world* Mom!

We had something very scary happen in our family Sunday night. My Dad couldn't stop vomitting up blood, so he went to the ER. They transferred him to East Cooper to see a GI specialist and he's been in ICU ever since. If you know my Dad, he has a lot of health issues, a nerve disease in his foot that causes him extreme chronic pain. We thought it may have something to do with that or his pain meds he's been taking for 25 years (because of his disease). Thank God it was not that, instead it was an ulcer, which they did the procedure to help it close up and he will hopefully move out of ICU tomorrow. Anyways, ICU has horrible visiting hours, so at least my Mom was able to come to our house for a birthday dinner, while my Dad got some good rest! Please pray for my Dad's continued healing and strength and Dr's wisdom to help that thing go away (although my Dad is fond of the little guy and named him Ralph).
Ummmmm, I've been making my cousin's slammin' ice cream pie for YEARS and it comes out *almost* perfect. I try to make a fat free version for my Mom and it looks like I let Quinn & Judah play in there for an hour with pink & white everywhere and put a few strawberries and blueberries in it! Sorry Mom. BUR BURRRRRR. (it was good tho! I mean, how could ice cream, fresh berries, graham cracker crust and whipped cream not be good)
Mimi teaching Judah how to skate! She is so patient. I told Judah to go and practise until he can do the hamill camel! Ha ha ha. Is that even possible in spider man skates?
Look at my brown eyed babe. He's got G's beautiful honey colored brown eyes. Lately he's been saying "I have blue eyes" and I say, no babe, you have beautiful brown eyes like your Daddy and he says in a very serious tone "I NEED orange eyes!"
As a parent, I'm sure there are a lot of things that SEEMED like a good idea when you bought the item-come to find out- they are super impractical (like the dry clean only baby clothes- I mean, whoever thought that was a good idea NEVER had a baby). Anyways,  if I EVER see something at a garage sale, goodwill, once upon a child that is Steelers, I pick it up-cause full priced is too much and because the team is so far away (geographically) you don't normally see it second hand. So of course I bought this Steelers onesie without thinking it thru. It has the steelers emblem, and a football on the bum (so if you wear pants with it, none of the cute steelers stuff shows). But it's a size 2T! I would totally put a baby in a onesie (only), if they were itty bitty, but a toddler?  I mean, WHO lets their kid wear a onesie (only) when they're over a year and a half old.  So, this lazy afternoon after playing in the pool, he got to wear the onesie. If I took him to the store-even in north chuck, everyone would look at me like - where is that kid's pants! Onesie- Fail.
Judah's in this stage of hiding. He wants to hide at the foot of his bed constantly. Sheesh. I remember those days, my two sisters and I would shove ourselves in a sleeping bag! I always needed to be first in everything - I know one of my bad character traits, esp as a kid- so I'd crawl in first. I think that's where my severe claustorphobia probably came from. Kids, what were we thinking?
Letting your kids play naked in the backyard pool: ghetto, red neck, or cute & old skool (c'mon we used to do it)?
Leaving this as a last note. It looks like Quinny got the Bob Sherman trait of opening your mouth while concentrating on a physical project. The wider the mouth is open, the better chance you'll suceed with what you're doing!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Goofballs and Bocce Balls.

Last weekend we had the best "cookout".... tons of food, giant baby pool, bocce ball, fire pit, smores, games....
Go Uncle "Wheel" Go!! (good thing Will's butt is small, Mama's butt ain't fitting down that slide too well!)
This corn is MAGIC.
Grill Master G.
Now that's a mischievous trio if I ever saw one!
And two people that look very sweet, but don't let that fool you- there is mischief there too!
Ahhhh, Gavin, that pink lipstick is so YOU! (we were playing Qwelf again)....
I'm surrounded by goofballs! Look at this dude pretending to sleep.....


Judah: this hug is worth more than gold
Just me n' my bahs (balloons)...
Free chick fil a sandwiches, free milkshake, indoor play place, nicest employees, cleanest restaurants, can I go give Truett Cathy's family a hug already?
Here is my shout out to the Ladson Flea Market. We got ALL of this grapes, kiwi, watermelon, tomato, onion, mango, peaches, cabbage, green beans, corn, zuchinni, bananas and 30 fresh brown eggs for $21. And over half of that was locally grown.