Sunday, May 16, 2010

Say it ain't so, my baby is turning three!!

Seriously, WHERE has 3 years gone?

It's my biiiiiirrrrrtttthhhhdddddaaaaayyyy!!!! (he was saying)....

Rain, rain, go away! Look at those clouds, BUT it drizzled for a little bit and stopped! Hey, we were at the "water" park, so I guess it didn't matter that much.

break it down boys.

Judah was soooo excited to see his old bud Devin!

This is Devin again and his daddy and Gabe. I can't tell you how special it was for Judah to see these two daycare friends again. Judah prayed for these kids every night for months after we left daycare. Every day when I picked Judah up from daycare, I'd ask Judah what he did that day and he'd say "Gabe, Ella and Devin"... that was how he responded EVERY day. So two of the three were able to come to the party!

Busta Sag. Quinn ate ALL day long. Don't believe me, ask his Auntie E and Uncle James or my parents. I think they fed him over 19lbs of food.

Judah's little buds are so precious!!
We are blessed to know so many goood people.

It's my traffic light food. Green light means EAT. (at least that's what I say really loud at Golden Corral, when I pile 7 plates full of food).
Guillermo and my creation, Guillermo ended up doing the icing, when I realized that my patience for icing was about the size of a grain of salt. I mean, would anyone have minded if the cake just had a giant dollop of green icing and sprinkled with brown powder and cars? I copied a cake from a girl who has some mad cake skeelz.. thanks for all the cake making tips Betsy! :)

Now Judah was probably wishing for lots of Cars gear for his b-day.....

Cause he got his wish! He was loaded up with so many amazing gifts, especially with Cars stuff, which he adores. What a GREAT birthday he had!
We are soo blessed with Judah. He is such a funny, sweet, smart, lovey dovey, loves to have fun, laugh and make other people laugh little kid. I can't imagine what life would be like without my little ray of sunshine.
Happy birthday my sweets!


Robinson Family said...

What a fabulous birthday! LOVE your creativity on the traffic light food and the killer cake! Happy Birthday Judah!

my little kingdom said...

I adore that first picture of Judah where he's saying It's my birthday!! How much fun that was! The boys checked out this post with me and they are currently dancing around singing: "JUDAAAHH!!" You and Gmo's cake was so creative. It was such a special day that your little sweetie will always remember.

Home school Mom said...

Yaaaaaahhhh!!! The cake looks AWESOME! WAY to GO GIRL!!! :D Looks like a fun party and it looks like your little man had a blast! What a good Mama you are! :) Love it!!