Monday, May 24, 2010

Live together, die alone.....

So, my favorite show of all time, LOST just ended. I am so sad. The last episode was perfect. It was about purpose, redemption, loving someone and finding love, and finding a group of people that change you and working through your own issues or character flaws. I think it was JJ Abrams (or maybe it was Terry O'Quinn) who said that Lost is like a good book. You hate that it's ending, but you know it HAS to end.... it's bittersweet.
I loooooove this fictional couple. They were so flawed, but they were so amazing too. I want to be Kate Austen. Is that so creepy? Should I have kept that to myself? I think I like her so much (from the point where she gets to the island forward) because she's such a tough chick, but she is still an old romantic and girly.

I loved Terry O'Quinn as Howard Hughes in The Rocketeer, but I hadn't seen him in anything since. He is one of the best actors out there, so is basically the whole cast........ it makes me want to move out to Hollywood and just camp out at studios just to see the "movie" magic happen.

Noooooo Jack! Don't Die!!!!

Ok, I'm a Lost sap. I just Love. LOVE. that show. And I'm sorry it's gone. Tear.
The end.

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my little kingdom said...

you are so cute. I had no idea you loved this show... amoung the million others. My family is sooo obsessed with it!!