Sunday, May 30, 2010

Go Go Gadget Weekend.

What do you do when you cannot sleep?
A. Rewrite Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle with Christian lyrics "rolling down the street, reading my Bible, sippin on yoohoo. Laid back, with my mind on the Lord and the Lord on my mind."
B. Update your blog.
C. Practise my air key-tar.

I saw this while I was out & about today. Only in South Carolina.
I'm sure the driver of this car will end up on "Look hunny, we didn't need a new tare after all! I just used dem dar tare from my monster truck! Wee!"

now, I don't know a lot about tires, but sumpin ain't right there.
moving on....

My Sis- Rebecca & her hubby Will are down this weekend!

And guess what we did?? If you guessed dressed up like rodeo clowns and lasso'd carts in the target parking lot. Wrong. BONK. We went to the beach!!

Aloha, Judah.

Whatcha thinking about there little man? Quinn: Mother dear, I smell a delicious hamburger, and I need some.

Hi Mom and Reb! It's me waving from blog world.

It's the birthday boy! Jackson! Ka-chow. Happy 4th birthday my sweets!

Auntie Beth & Lukie-cutie patoots.

We thought it'd be cool if my kids were the red neck kids at the party, so after their dry clothes got soaked, Judah didn't wear a shirt.....

And Quinn only wore a shirt & diaper.... diaper, it's all the rage. All the cool kids have 'em.

Jackson blowing out his candles. I hope he's wishing that Aunt Coco finds a winning lotto ticket, cause we all know little kid's birthday wishes come true (haven't you seen Liar, Liar?).

Judah is VERY upset about the rule: no shirt, no shoes, no cake! Just kidding. He was having a meltdown because HE wanted the Cars -cars on the cake! Simma down nah!

Roses are red, violets are blue, I gots da best baby daddy- and the kids think so too. (and when I say kids, I mean Bebe's kids).

Awwwww, special friends.

And when I say special, I mean Special.

To all my special friends out there, good night and don't forget- in church tomorrow, sing "drop it like it's hawwwwwwt" when you put your tithe in the offering basket!


Jackie Miller said...

I love this post (especially all of the redneck clothing choices) but what I was really so excited about was the reference to Inspector Gadget. In church the other day I told someone that Ruthie had go go gadget arms and they just looked at me like, "that's the weirdest thing I've ever heard." Thank you, Courtney, for being as old as me. :)

Robinson Family said...

You guys are total beach bums! LOVE IT! Super friendly family fun!

my little kingdom said...

fun times! we are so special. :) love the totally awesome white chevy blazer up there. You probably didn't know that was actually me. David had to put one of his truck tires on my car b/c we ran out of a spare. ... just kidding. sounded good though.