Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Feliz Dia de las Madres!!

Yo my motha fathers! (Have you watched Swagger wagon yet)?

Yay Summer. Yay mamacitas!
Look at my big boy! Standing in the world's smallest pool filled with 4,385 blades of grass (note to self, next time, put the pool and slide on the concrete).

If the pool weren't the size of a toilet, he might've been able to practise some of the stuff he learned at swim lessons! (or maybe not, the last comment he made was "I don't WANT to swim like Nemo!")

B-ball in the B-yard (haha).  And yes, I play too. I thought I had a pretty wicked jump shot (ok, NO jumping) but G told me I cheat cause I use the back board. Poo on you Guillermo.

Carla & her boyfriend, Ryan came to chucktown and got to hang out!  (appearantly my boys were imitating the Raiders of the Lost Ark- Indiana Jonse scene where the Nazi's faces were melting)....

So Guillermo & James had the great idea to do a Tour De Mexico to all the taco trucks in North Chickity. But we only found ONE. Bur Burrrrr. So that was our appetizer....

So we went to the Cajun Cafe. James got frog leg on a stick, gator on a stick and rabbit ribs on a stick, then gator ribs, and G got a gator po' boy. The boys and I shared the best meatloaf ever. My meatloaf was made out of wildebeast!! (not really, I was just trying to be cool like them).

Just a tad creepy....

Oh my favorite. Taking the boys to the beach. It was so nice and windy, just the perfect temperature. No beached whales.... but there were tons of jelly fish washed up on the beach though. Quinn brought me 2 of them like it was a present. brave boy. Now GET IT AWAY FROM ME.

Judah built sand castles with Papa.

Quinny destroyed them.

And wouldn't stop trying to put his head in the sand.

Judah is the lil' water bebe. He loooooves the water. But I guess that's like saying, fat kids like cake.

I love my peeps.

Yeee Dawgeee.
We at the beach billie bob, where's my miller high life and my dixie flag string bikini?

My special Mama's day breakfast in bed. Chocolate chip pancakes wtih strawberries.

And my two best presents ever. Two little monkeys, jumping on a bed.


Home school Mom said...

I love that pool....that's awesome. The grass looks inviting too! :) The beach looks like so much fun....can't wait til we get to play soon! ;)
Look at that beautiful cake at the top of your page! Did you do that? It looks sooooo yummy and amazing with all the pretty layers and colors! YUMMY!
Betsy @
A Day In The Life.......

Jackie Miller said...

Cool bedspread. How do you get the boys to keep their hats on at the beach? I can't get Noa to wear one for one second!

I was trying to virtually taste that cake too!!! I love how it looks - had to remind myself that I don't really like cake! (I'm sure I would've liked it though - I mean, I'm not *that* picky...) Did you make it?

Made For You By Mrs Woo said...

I miss you guys! Looks like SO much fun!