Sunday, May 30, 2010

Go Go Gadget Weekend.

What do you do when you cannot sleep?
A. Rewrite Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle with Christian lyrics "rolling down the street, reading my Bible, sippin on yoohoo. Laid back, with my mind on the Lord and the Lord on my mind."
B. Update your blog.
C. Practise my air key-tar.

I saw this while I was out & about today. Only in South Carolina.
I'm sure the driver of this car will end up on "Look hunny, we didn't need a new tare after all! I just used dem dar tare from my monster truck! Wee!"

now, I don't know a lot about tires, but sumpin ain't right there.
moving on....

My Sis- Rebecca & her hubby Will are down this weekend!

And guess what we did?? If you guessed dressed up like rodeo clowns and lasso'd carts in the target parking lot. Wrong. BONK. We went to the beach!!

Aloha, Judah.

Whatcha thinking about there little man? Quinn: Mother dear, I smell a delicious hamburger, and I need some.

Hi Mom and Reb! It's me waving from blog world.

It's the birthday boy! Jackson! Ka-chow. Happy 4th birthday my sweets!

Auntie Beth & Lukie-cutie patoots.

We thought it'd be cool if my kids were the red neck kids at the party, so after their dry clothes got soaked, Judah didn't wear a shirt.....

And Quinn only wore a shirt & diaper.... diaper, it's all the rage. All the cool kids have 'em.

Jackson blowing out his candles. I hope he's wishing that Aunt Coco finds a winning lotto ticket, cause we all know little kid's birthday wishes come true (haven't you seen Liar, Liar?).

Judah is VERY upset about the rule: no shirt, no shoes, no cake! Just kidding. He was having a meltdown because HE wanted the Cars -cars on the cake! Simma down nah!

Roses are red, violets are blue, I gots da best baby daddy- and the kids think so too. (and when I say kids, I mean Bebe's kids).

Awwwww, special friends.

And when I say special, I mean Special.

To all my special friends out there, good night and don't forget- in church tomorrow, sing "drop it like it's hawwwwwwt" when you put your tithe in the offering basket!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Life is a beach. (minus the perpetual sand in your crevices)

We took the boys to the beach twice in one weekend (probably a record for me).... I do it for da kidzzzz. Guillermo & James decided the best way to keep the kids from running off was to bury them in the sand. Pure genius.
Can you tell what my 17 month old little boy was staring at?? Hey, you can't make this stuff up.

Sweet Peas.
Lady killer.
It's a rhinestone cowboy... well no rhinestones, but it IS a pink hat.

What do you get when you mix a (almost) 4 year old, a 3 year old, a 2 year old and a 1 year old at the beach? 2 very tired mamas.
The adventures of Super Judah and Wonderboy Jackson...
My little cop and my little brut. Judah has become quite the first child. He tells Quinn what to do and what not to do and daily I tell him, that is not his job. Sweet lil' Lukie, just chillin...
It's lobster man and his trusty half lobster, half boy sidekick. Rarrrrrrrrr!
That's all folks.

My bros.

Happy Birthday to my amazing, sweet, smart, funny, generous & kind brother in laws! We love you bunches, happpeeeeee birthday!

Live together, die alone.....

So, my favorite show of all time, LOST just ended. I am so sad. The last episode was perfect. It was about purpose, redemption, loving someone and finding love, and finding a group of people that change you and working through your own issues or character flaws. I think it was JJ Abrams (or maybe it was Terry O'Quinn) who said that Lost is like a good book. You hate that it's ending, but you know it HAS to end.... it's bittersweet.
I loooooove this fictional couple. They were so flawed, but they were so amazing too. I want to be Kate Austen. Is that so creepy? Should I have kept that to myself? I think I like her so much (from the point where she gets to the island forward) because she's such a tough chick, but she is still an old romantic and girly.

I loved Terry O'Quinn as Howard Hughes in The Rocketeer, but I hadn't seen him in anything since. He is one of the best actors out there, so is basically the whole cast........ it makes me want to move out to Hollywood and just camp out at studios just to see the "movie" magic happen.

Noooooo Jack! Don't Die!!!!

Ok, I'm a Lost sap. I just Love. LOVE. that show. And I'm sorry it's gone. Tear.
The end.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Say it ain't so, my baby is turning three!!

Seriously, WHERE has 3 years gone?

It's my biiiiiirrrrrtttthhhhdddddaaaaayyyy!!!! (he was saying)....

Rain, rain, go away! Look at those clouds, BUT it drizzled for a little bit and stopped! Hey, we were at the "water" park, so I guess it didn't matter that much.

break it down boys.

Judah was soooo excited to see his old bud Devin!

This is Devin again and his daddy and Gabe. I can't tell you how special it was for Judah to see these two daycare friends again. Judah prayed for these kids every night for months after we left daycare. Every day when I picked Judah up from daycare, I'd ask Judah what he did that day and he'd say "Gabe, Ella and Devin"... that was how he responded EVERY day. So two of the three were able to come to the party!

Busta Sag. Quinn ate ALL day long. Don't believe me, ask his Auntie E and Uncle James or my parents. I think they fed him over 19lbs of food.

Judah's little buds are so precious!!
We are blessed to know so many goood people.

It's my traffic light food. Green light means EAT. (at least that's what I say really loud at Golden Corral, when I pile 7 plates full of food).
Guillermo and my creation, Guillermo ended up doing the icing, when I realized that my patience for icing was about the size of a grain of salt. I mean, would anyone have minded if the cake just had a giant dollop of green icing and sprinkled with brown powder and cars? I copied a cake from a girl who has some mad cake skeelz.. thanks for all the cake making tips Betsy! :)

Now Judah was probably wishing for lots of Cars gear for his b-day.....

Cause he got his wish! He was loaded up with so many amazing gifts, especially with Cars stuff, which he adores. What a GREAT birthday he had!
We are soo blessed with Judah. He is such a funny, sweet, smart, lovey dovey, loves to have fun, laugh and make other people laugh little kid. I can't imagine what life would be like without my little ray of sunshine.
Happy birthday my sweets!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


My dear hubby was supposed to take pictures of Carla's graduation this past week when he traveled to NC to see her graduate, but he forgot. Anyways, this older picture will have to do! Major congrats Carla! She not only graduated, but she graduated with honors (from University of North Carolina- Greensboro)!! Congrats!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Feliz Dia de las Madres!!

Yo my motha fathers! (Have you watched Swagger wagon yet)?

Yay Summer. Yay mamacitas!
Look at my big boy! Standing in the world's smallest pool filled with 4,385 blades of grass (note to self, next time, put the pool and slide on the concrete).

If the pool weren't the size of a toilet, he might've been able to practise some of the stuff he learned at swim lessons! (or maybe not, the last comment he made was "I don't WANT to swim like Nemo!")

B-ball in the B-yard (haha).  And yes, I play too. I thought I had a pretty wicked jump shot (ok, NO jumping) but G told me I cheat cause I use the back board. Poo on you Guillermo.

Carla & her boyfriend, Ryan came to chucktown and got to hang out!  (appearantly my boys were imitating the Raiders of the Lost Ark- Indiana Jonse scene where the Nazi's faces were melting)....

So Guillermo & James had the great idea to do a Tour De Mexico to all the taco trucks in North Chickity. But we only found ONE. Bur Burrrrr. So that was our appetizer....

So we went to the Cajun Cafe. James got frog leg on a stick, gator on a stick and rabbit ribs on a stick, then gator ribs, and G got a gator po' boy. The boys and I shared the best meatloaf ever. My meatloaf was made out of wildebeast!! (not really, I was just trying to be cool like them).

Just a tad creepy....

Oh my favorite. Taking the boys to the beach. It was so nice and windy, just the perfect temperature. No beached whales.... but there were tons of jelly fish washed up on the beach though. Quinn brought me 2 of them like it was a present. brave boy. Now GET IT AWAY FROM ME.

Judah built sand castles with Papa.

Quinny destroyed them.

And wouldn't stop trying to put his head in the sand.

Judah is the lil' water bebe. He loooooves the water. But I guess that's like saying, fat kids like cake.

I love my peeps.

Yeee Dawgeee.
We at the beach billie bob, where's my miller high life and my dixie flag string bikini?

My special Mama's day breakfast in bed. Chocolate chip pancakes wtih strawberries.

And my two best presents ever. Two little monkeys, jumping on a bed.