Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring is.......

Trying new things! When teaching your 15 month old how to use a spoon, take him somewhere not your house and leave a big tip.

Box forts!


Brotherly love and sand and water play, two minutes before this picture was taken, the blue thing was filled with water. Unfortunately hurricane Juinn blew thru.


Eating buckets full of sand.

Celebrating the greatest event in history- Jesus is risen!! And peeps for breakfast.

Quinn's not sure what it is, but sure it's God's special Easter food. Peep, the other, other, other white meat.

Easter duds.

Kids that won't look at the camera and smile in their Easter duds.

Awesome family!

My peeps. Zero calories. (click on the pic to see Judah's face- classic).

More peeps we loooove.

I loooooooove the spring. Summer, please, please don't come. Or at least only come on the weekends, when we can go to the beach and don't bring the humidty and gnats with you. Thank you summer.


Auntie EEEEEEEEEEEE said...

Those boys have my heart... they are just too cute!!!
I can't wait to see my boy's new haircut!

Spring is ALSO waxing your friend's back getting him ready for swimsuit season too, ya know?!!

Love you guys!

Robinson Family said...

Hah! My favorites:
"Peeps. The other other other white meat." And that your peeps have no calories. :o) Hooray for spring!!!!