Friday, April 2, 2010

The sixth sense kid poots.

So Judah has this creepy kid thing going on lately. The other night he started crying after we said goodnight and he said in a horror movie whisper little kid voice "there's someone over there" (pointing to the drapes).. so my former cop instincts jumped into action and I confidentally told him Nope! There definitely isn't anyone in his room and pulled the curtains back.  I kissed and hugged him again and left. He started crying again, this time he told G (having just come in from outside), in the same scary whisper voice, there's someone outside of my window".. it was only then, that we realized Judah was hearing G do yard work outside and thought someone was outside his window.  Now he'd better not tell me "I see dead people" and we'll be ok. ;)
When we tell Judah it's time to get out of the bath, it's then that he likes to play Jacque Cousteau (did I butcher the spelling?? sorry) and shove himself under the water for as long as he can... That dude is a little fish, I think he has gills behind his ears. We're taking the boys to swimming lessons this month and I can't wait!!!!

Judah's funny for the night- so Judah claimed he had to poop, so we put him on the potty. While he was sitting there, he pooted. He leaned over and whispered to me (I was sitting next to him on the floor) "That was my butt talking".
Is that MY child or what?? I should've asked him what it said.


Jackie Miller said...

If that's really what that is, then Noa & Ruthie's butts have had a lot to say lately! :)

Robinson Family said...

"That was my butt talking," hahahahaha!