Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Naughty by Nature.

And I'm not talking Hip Hop Hooray here. I'm talking my boys.

Lookee here.
Brotherly love, so sweet it makes your face want to melt off.

Awww, look how nicely they're playing together....

Ohhhh, what's that sneaky sneaky up to?? PUSHES his brother right down the slide. Yep, that's right, the 1 year old pushes the almost 3 year old down the slide- like Get Movin' Judah!

That was pretty slick, huh Mama!

The Blue Angels came to town. I felt a little bit like Tom Cruise in Top Gun, watching the airplanes and imagined myself in an alternate universe being a precision pilot flying a fighter jet.   But in the real universe, we watched the airplanes and ate bananas and string cheese.

"highway to the danger zone"

Judah is mezmerized by the airplanes, Quinn is wondering if there is any more cheese.

Mimi & Papa came along. Is this not the cutest picture or what. Papa and his boy.

"Papa let me use his monocular" Judah is very proud of using big words lately. At the Dr's office, he said astronaut and caterpiller about 10 times after Dr Todd complimented him on saying a big word.

Sometimes life is extra sweet.

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Robinson Family said...

Being a mom of two (and two under 4) give new meaning to the song, Danger Zone. I'll be singing that all day, thanks.