Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lil' Buds.

I just got these cute pics of the boys from Auntie Beth and had to post them!
Judah & Quinn love their friends Jackson & Luke!
4 little monkeys sitting in the tub........

I can't believe Judah wasn't even scurred!!! That's my boy!

That's our girl- Miss Kat and my fat boy chubba bubba.

Oh the days when buckets were hats and drums, and tables were jungle gyms. In honor of children's imaginations, I'm going to wear my calculator on my head at my next meeting and say it's my digital yarmulke. And then I'm going to crawl under the table and yell "where is courtney?"......

Judah & Lukie. Is this not the sweetest thing ever. Judah is even controlling his amor de muerte!


Robinson Family said...

Now THAT'S a tub of cute! I can't resist any tub pic of a little kiddo, but one with FOUR cuties? LOVE IT!

my little kingdom said...

Awe! so sweet. I love our babes!