Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I can barely make a box of rice o' roni. God made the world in 6 days.

For the months of April & May we're doing the 6 days of creation. You know, the first day God created Dairy Queen, the second day God created hip hop, the third day God created Select Comfort mattresses, the fourth day God created a swimming pool, the fifth day God created babies and the sixth day God created the Indian motorcycle and He looked upon all He created and said it was time to rest.

Wait, that was from Coco 1:1-3, in Genisis 1:1-3 God created the light and darkness.
The boys made finger painted the sun, the rays are their hands and then for then they connected the moon and the stars... it was suposed to be a windsock with crepe paper (or lightweight paper) connecting them, but they couldn't find the crepe paper..... still fun tho- cause MOONS are fun.

Can you read the small writing "THE MOON is missing from this picture.... admit it, you thought I'd go for the obvious mooning jokes didn't you? That would have been too easy....."

The boys got to play outside in the sun a LOT and wear sun screen & hats, and talk about the harmful effects of the sun.


We have a twighlight turtle, so the boys got to go and watch the stars too!

And this week, we're doing Gen 1:6-10 God made sky, land and water.

The boys glued a sun and clouds to a paper and then went out and looked at the clouds and then took a flash light and covered it up, seeing how clouds cover up the light of the sun... here in this picture when the sun starts flashing, you know the clouds are allowed to eat the ghosts.  Ummm, that's what a crack head once told me anyways.

The boys got to play in the baby pool with all their little sea creatures! Their sea creatures did not include a beached whale. This is reason # 177 I do NOT swim at the beach. Seriously, I'd pass out and drown if I was at the beach and saw this coming.

You know we can't end our weeks without a food party! The boys get to play wtih all their construction vehicles and shovels and dig up the land and then make dirt pies!

All good Bible studies end in crushed oreos and gummy worms.


Robinson Family said...

Great ideas! I plan on swiping some for our Earth week next week for Earth day...after all, God made it! That shriveled up woman at the beach pic needs to go! I threw up in my mouth.

Made For You By Mrs Woo said...

i'm feeling very weak and close to pee-peeing because of that beached wale photo...oooh no, no no no! sorry this is what i've taken away from that lovely blog entry....but i'm crying now....eeeeeeeeeew.