Thursday, April 29, 2010

Don't make me go Steve Erwin on your scaly behind!

I love my girl's night out crew (or girl's day out as the case here) cause they're down fo' whatever. This past saturday we went to Magnolia Plantation. It was so awesome. We even saw alligator's fighting on the nature tour boat tour. What was even better than that was the whole time, I gave a even louder narration to the group, then the tour guide/boat captain with a aussie accent. "An' ova ear is the bloomin onion flower mate".

Here alli-alli-alli-gator. Bebe alligator. Git in mah bella.

Ummm, yea, couldn't pay me enough money to go wading in that green water.
The tour guide told us this tree was 3 gazillion years old.
Ok, so on a different note, if my phone ever calls you and you hear grunting and heavy breathing, it's probably not me- it's this kid trying to eat the phone or jibba jabba on it.
looks like somone has some really important calls to make....
And what happens when the phone goes bye bye.
But, brushing our teeth makes EVERYthing better. This kid looooooves to brush his teeth.
And eating makes this kid happy too. He eats more than any baby I have ever, ever seen. This is him signing for more AFTER he's already eaten his dinner, salad, and a giant pile of strawberries.
(do you see the noodles on his head?)
We finally fixed this awesome recipe for butternut squash mac n' cheese and Judah immediately says "I don't like the carrots"... Guillermo told him "those aren't carrots, that's orange chicken".... but then we found out Judah doesn't like "orange chicken" either.
So, I've always thought that Judah has looked like my mini-me, even from birth, but EVERYone except or my older sister says he looks like G.  I think people say that cause Judah has darker coloring. Anyways, here's a pic of me as a kid (sorry 80's sepia tone here). I think Judah has my face, but G's eyes (and dimples) and Quinn has G's face (minus promonent dimples) with my eyes. What do you think?

And last but not least. Life according to Judah:
2 nights ago in Judah's prayer he said something along these lines:
" Mimi go to work, help Papa feel better, help Papa go to work, help Jackson and Lukie in the sandbox in their barefeet, help Jackson and his dumptruck full of bricks and help Lukie not take my dump truck full of rocks". I was trying so hard not to laugh as my kid AGAIN narc'd out his friends to God in his nightime prayers! 

Tonight, Judah said, Mama, the car smells..... like a parrot.


elizabeth said...

MY BOYS!!!!!! i heart them. big time!!!

Robinson Family said...

...which brings me to the question of: "What exactly does a parrot smell like? How does Judah know?!" I think he's on the track to becoming a pirate, but a nice pirate since he says such great prayers! Amazing!

my little kingdom said...

HAH! just catching up here. I've missed out on some really good posts!! Love that sweet little prayer from Judah. How precious is he?!! And the butternut sqaush macncheese. Was it yummy? I need a good squash recipe. We totally have some frozen squash to eat up.

my little kingdom said...

AH!! just looked at this again! Quinny's hair cut makes him look like a big boy! too cute! I love the new do. Also, I still think Judah bear looks more like Gmo and Quinny looks like you.