Thursday, April 29, 2010

Don't make me go Steve Erwin on your scaly behind!

I love my girl's night out crew (or girl's day out as the case here) cause they're down fo' whatever. This past saturday we went to Magnolia Plantation. It was so awesome. We even saw alligator's fighting on the nature tour boat tour. What was even better than that was the whole time, I gave a even louder narration to the group, then the tour guide/boat captain with a aussie accent. "An' ova ear is the bloomin onion flower mate".

Here alli-alli-alli-gator. Bebe alligator. Git in mah bella.

Ummm, yea, couldn't pay me enough money to go wading in that green water.
The tour guide told us this tree was 3 gazillion years old.
Ok, so on a different note, if my phone ever calls you and you hear grunting and heavy breathing, it's probably not me- it's this kid trying to eat the phone or jibba jabba on it.
looks like somone has some really important calls to make....
And what happens when the phone goes bye bye.
But, brushing our teeth makes EVERYthing better. This kid looooooves to brush his teeth.
And eating makes this kid happy too. He eats more than any baby I have ever, ever seen. This is him signing for more AFTER he's already eaten his dinner, salad, and a giant pile of strawberries.
(do you see the noodles on his head?)
We finally fixed this awesome recipe for butternut squash mac n' cheese and Judah immediately says "I don't like the carrots"... Guillermo told him "those aren't carrots, that's orange chicken".... but then we found out Judah doesn't like "orange chicken" either.
So, I've always thought that Judah has looked like my mini-me, even from birth, but EVERYone except or my older sister says he looks like G.  I think people say that cause Judah has darker coloring. Anyways, here's a pic of me as a kid (sorry 80's sepia tone here). I think Judah has my face, but G's eyes (and dimples) and Quinn has G's face (minus promonent dimples) with my eyes. What do you think?

And last but not least. Life according to Judah:
2 nights ago in Judah's prayer he said something along these lines:
" Mimi go to work, help Papa feel better, help Papa go to work, help Jackson and Lukie in the sandbox in their barefeet, help Jackson and his dumptruck full of bricks and help Lukie not take my dump truck full of rocks". I was trying so hard not to laugh as my kid AGAIN narc'd out his friends to God in his nightime prayers! 

Tonight, Judah said, Mama, the car smells..... like a parrot.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Bisa!!!

One of our favorite people had a birthday! Guillermo's Abuela had her 80th birthday this weekend. We are so blessed to have you in our life! Your sweet kindness has meant so much to us and you have blessed Guillermo so much thru the years especially. We love you Abuela/Bisa!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Naughty by Nature.

And I'm not talking Hip Hop Hooray here. I'm talking my boys.

Lookee here.
Brotherly love, so sweet it makes your face want to melt off.

Awww, look how nicely they're playing together....

Ohhhh, what's that sneaky sneaky up to?? PUSHES his brother right down the slide. Yep, that's right, the 1 year old pushes the almost 3 year old down the slide- like Get Movin' Judah!

That was pretty slick, huh Mama!

The Blue Angels came to town. I felt a little bit like Tom Cruise in Top Gun, watching the airplanes and imagined myself in an alternate universe being a precision pilot flying a fighter jet.   But in the real universe, we watched the airplanes and ate bananas and string cheese.

"highway to the danger zone"

Judah is mezmerized by the airplanes, Quinn is wondering if there is any more cheese.

Mimi & Papa came along. Is this not the cutest picture or what. Papa and his boy.

"Papa let me use his monocular" Judah is very proud of using big words lately. At the Dr's office, he said astronaut and caterpiller about 10 times after Dr Todd complimented him on saying a big word.

Sometimes life is extra sweet.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lil' Buds.

I just got these cute pics of the boys from Auntie Beth and had to post them!
Judah & Quinn love their friends Jackson & Luke!
4 little monkeys sitting in the tub........

I can't believe Judah wasn't even scurred!!! That's my boy!

That's our girl- Miss Kat and my fat boy chubba bubba.

Oh the days when buckets were hats and drums, and tables were jungle gyms. In honor of children's imaginations, I'm going to wear my calculator on my head at my next meeting and say it's my digital yarmulke. And then I'm going to crawl under the table and yell "where is courtney?"......

Judah & Lukie. Is this not the sweetest thing ever. Judah is even controlling his amor de muerte!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I can barely make a box of rice o' roni. God made the world in 6 days.

For the months of April & May we're doing the 6 days of creation. You know, the first day God created Dairy Queen, the second day God created hip hop, the third day God created Select Comfort mattresses, the fourth day God created a swimming pool, the fifth day God created babies and the sixth day God created the Indian motorcycle and He looked upon all He created and said it was time to rest.

Wait, that was from Coco 1:1-3, in Genisis 1:1-3 God created the light and darkness.
The boys made finger painted the sun, the rays are their hands and then for then they connected the moon and the stars... it was suposed to be a windsock with crepe paper (or lightweight paper) connecting them, but they couldn't find the crepe paper..... still fun tho- cause MOONS are fun.

Can you read the small writing "THE MOON is missing from this picture.... admit it, you thought I'd go for the obvious mooning jokes didn't you? That would have been too easy....."

The boys got to play outside in the sun a LOT and wear sun screen & hats, and talk about the harmful effects of the sun.


We have a twighlight turtle, so the boys got to go and watch the stars too!

And this week, we're doing Gen 1:6-10 God made sky, land and water.

The boys glued a sun and clouds to a paper and then went out and looked at the clouds and then took a flash light and covered it up, seeing how clouds cover up the light of the sun... here in this picture when the sun starts flashing, you know the clouds are allowed to eat the ghosts.  Ummm, that's what a crack head once told me anyways.

The boys got to play in the baby pool with all their little sea creatures! Their sea creatures did not include a beached whale. This is reason # 177 I do NOT swim at the beach. Seriously, I'd pass out and drown if I was at the beach and saw this coming.

You know we can't end our weeks without a food party! The boys get to play wtih all their construction vehicles and shovels and dig up the land and then make dirt pies!

All good Bible studies end in crushed oreos and gummy worms.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring is.......

Trying new things! When teaching your 15 month old how to use a spoon, take him somewhere not your house and leave a big tip.

Box forts!


Brotherly love and sand and water play, two minutes before this picture was taken, the blue thing was filled with water. Unfortunately hurricane Juinn blew thru.


Eating buckets full of sand.

Celebrating the greatest event in history- Jesus is risen!! And peeps for breakfast.

Quinn's not sure what it is, but sure it's God's special Easter food. Peep, the other, other, other white meat.

Easter duds.

Kids that won't look at the camera and smile in their Easter duds.

Awesome family!

My peeps. Zero calories. (click on the pic to see Judah's face- classic).

More peeps we loooove.

I loooooooove the spring. Summer, please, please don't come. Or at least only come on the weekends, when we can go to the beach and don't bring the humidty and gnats with you. Thank you summer.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sometimes, this is my life.

I try to never, ever take both kids out by myself after work. I'll do it on the weekend, but not on a work day.  Most workdays I've stretched my brain to the max and at the end of the day I can barely think straight, so doing anything that requires a lot of thought (i.e. watching an infant/toddler that want to dart in 2 different directions in the store, or keeping 2 kids that want to be out of the cart, in the cart and happy) is something I'd rather not do.  But, yesterday I had to make a trip to the dollar store. I decided, it's the dollar store, in north charleston, if my kids are screaming at the top of their lungs, it'll be like every other kid in the store. As soon as I got out of the car, I realized the giant bottle of water I had been drinking all afternoon finally caught up with me and I HAD to use the bathroom. Which meant, I couldn't bring the double stroller with me (wont' fit in most bathrooms) and couldn't put the kids in a cart yet. This is nothing short of torture to get 2 kids in the bathroom stall with you to go to the bathroom. Thankfully it was a "one seater" without stalls... so I took a few things out of my purse for the kids to play with while I used the bathroom at the speed of light. Judah loves to flush, so he snuck behind me as I was getting up and flushed, so great, now two of us needed our hands washed. So, I washed his hands and was about to do mine when I looked over and in a half second Quinn had gone with playing with my purse stuff to playing in the toilet. I yelled "No Indy" (see what I mean about my brain not working) and grabbed Quinn up while Judah was pulling all the paper towel out of the roll to dry his hands. I was telling Judah not to do that when Quinn smashed his hand on the spicket of the faucet drenched his hair, face, his shirt and me- we were both soaked. I had started to sweat thinking about the bathroom horror show we were in and finally snatched my purse, Quinn and told Judah to follow me out of the bathroom. Within 5 seconds of leaving the bathroom, we're walking down the isle, Quinn and I looking like drowned rats, mascara running my cheeks, Judah yells, "Mama, Mama, my pants!!"  I look back and Judah's shorts had fallen around his ankles!  All of this BEFORE I started shopping.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The sixth sense kid poots.

So Judah has this creepy kid thing going on lately. The other night he started crying after we said goodnight and he said in a horror movie whisper little kid voice "there's someone over there" (pointing to the drapes).. so my former cop instincts jumped into action and I confidentally told him Nope! There definitely isn't anyone in his room and pulled the curtains back.  I kissed and hugged him again and left. He started crying again, this time he told G (having just come in from outside), in the same scary whisper voice, there's someone outside of my window".. it was only then, that we realized Judah was hearing G do yard work outside and thought someone was outside his window.  Now he'd better not tell me "I see dead people" and we'll be ok. ;)
When we tell Judah it's time to get out of the bath, it's then that he likes to play Jacque Cousteau (did I butcher the spelling?? sorry) and shove himself under the water for as long as he can... That dude is a little fish, I think he has gills behind his ears. We're taking the boys to swimming lessons this month and I can't wait!!!!

Judah's funny for the night- so Judah claimed he had to poop, so we put him on the potty. While he was sitting there, he pooted. He leaned over and whispered to me (I was sitting next to him on the floor) "That was my butt talking".
Is that MY child or what?? I should've asked him what it said.