Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sol-warts: School for kids with magical powers.

Palm week & Easter week!

So, as I was thinking about this last week and this weeks activities, I was pondering the differences between the week of palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. It's really unbelievable that you would have a crowd worshipping Jesus as He rides thru town on a donkey, putting their clothing on the street for this major parade....

to a crowd that would sentence Him to death. The death of a criminal, to be slaughtered while these people cheered on.
I think it was much, MUCH more than just a fickle crowd. If we could see that point in history, and our eyes be opened to the spiritual realm, I think it'd look like this.....

spiritual warfare as the world has never known up until that point.
What PEACE we have knowing what side will always, ultimately be victorious.

So... how do you possibly tell this story by the way of crafts for a 15 month old and almost 3 year old? We read children's Bible stories about Jesus on the Donkey, being worshipped, and Jesus dying on the cross and rising again. We talk about how much we love & worship God and how much He loves us. And at night we pray that God holds our children close until the day they can understand this story fully and accept the risen Christ into their hearts.

You can see the donkey puppets from the earlier post, and the boys got to make a wreath, modeled after the one above. The *special* gardner (in like, what were you thinking kind of special)  that built our house, planted about a thousand palm trees in our front yard, so the boys even got to wave around palm branches.
So, before I had kids, I used to think stuff like this was soooo goofy, but now I embrace the goof. Jelly bean Easter poem?? Fantastic, bring it on, and I'll add some spirit fingers and sign language to Jesus loves the little children. hahahaha. Dude, I'm so that mom now. Sigh. Anyways, the kids get to read the jelly bean easter poem, separate the jelly beans into the colors to go with the poem and then of course, EAT jelly beans. And then run around in circles screaming for three hours at Kat's house. Someone seriously needs to invent a toddler sized hamster wheel....

I had to find the actual inspiration we're using for this craft, cause there would be no explaining this one in writing. Basically giving a visual of how Jesus ascended into Heaven using an upside down cup, string, construction paper and a picture of Jesus.

Then the kids get to decorate big construction paper "Jesus" eggs (just eggs that spell Jesus, so Judah can start practising that words are made up of letters that go together) and finally, the craft that no child should go without doing at least once every few years of the Easter season- putting cotton balls on a paper bunny rabbit.. Hopefully it won't be scary, like this bunny.

Maybe it's the bunny from Donnie Darko, trying to pretend to be the Easter bunny!

Happy Easter Peeps!!

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