Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Shark Bait! Ewwh Haa Haa!

Guillermo's parents came and visited us! Yay. They took Judah on a special trip to the aquarium too!
Judah is in LOVE with "Nemo"- his souvenier from the aquarium.......It's official- the kid is part of the Disney cult following of toddler musts: can't go anywhere without a Cars- car- check, wants to watch Nemo every day and makes a under the sea comment about a turtle or a jelly fish every other day- check. Thinks toodles will come deliver whatever he needs during the day- check, just kidding. Ha. "Oh toodles, where is my bowl of ice cream!"
My Children: push up pop + day at the park + stroller =HEAVEN.

This picture cracks me up, look at Quinny's big ol' belly!!! His new years resolution was to not drink so much beer.....
Hmmmm, Quinn's snarky face- in every picture... wonder who he gets that from??
Mystery solved.

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