Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ludacris' School of Southern Rap

This past week was pretty hectic, so the boys didn't get to do all of the planned stuff, but I'll list the activities, just in case ya'll are looking for some new ideas!

Alexander Graham Bell's birthday! And that dude knows how to par-teeeeee. First Judah got to make card board cell phone and holla at all his peeps. He's working his numbers so this is a great way to practise putting them in order.... quantum physics will have to wait for next week.

Stop callin' stop callin' I don't want to talk anymore! I left my head and my heart on the dance floor.

Quinn SO thought he was on the phone "jibba jabba scibbeda doo".

 The boys got to dress like farmers, make apple sauce, make apple muffins (which SUCK by the way. stupid healthy bran muffins) and had everything worked out the way it was supposed apple memory games with numbers- so easy, just cut out apple shapes, write numbers on them and let the kids match up the numbers. Maybe we'll save our apples for another day.

Next week is St Pat's Day- yay!

Now, while the kids are making green paint by mixing blue and yellow finger paints and painting 3 cut out hearts (and a stem) from construction paper and gluing them together to make a shamrock, I am going to be driving around charleston trying to find a shamrock shake! Can I hear a what what! Where are you my precious??

Bur Burrrrrr. Fa-il.
But what DOESN'T fail is coloring a rainbow and then gluing lucky charms marshmallows and cotton puffs to the rainbow!  And gluing the rainbow colors around the house to leap from color to color looking for the pot of gold!

SO magically delicious.ness. God inspired cupcakes.

And finally- St Patty's day pary!!!

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Robinson Family said...

I so should've checked your blog earlier for fun Patty's Day stuff! I am BORING! I'll be checkin' screets for a Micky D's shamy shake too! Holla!