Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kitchen, oh kitchen. How you make me happy.

Whenever a holiday comes up where I get a gift, the best gift from G is to get something done around the house. So my Mother's day gift from last year was to get my kitchen painted.  He painted it right away, but then I had to find money to buy all the final touches. I have tons of luck having virtual garage sales, so I sold a bunch of stuff from my kitchen, including all the old decor, which was yellow walls and black/creme toile theme, sort of like a french country kitchen look. I never could find the perfect toile window treatments, and that drove me nuts, so I finally wanted something different all together. I have one more project I want to do, a painting, but that will have to wait until I have more time and energy. So without further ado.... drumroll  please....... my kitchen!

It's a chalkboard!
The thing on the wall to the top left, I found inspiration from Pottery Barn. They had this huge linen board. So I found a cork board from Goodwill and covered it with this really cool fabric that was a $1 a yard at Walmart.

Shout out: when we moved in, back in 2006 the awesome slate tile was put in by my own personal handy manny and his brother, my bro-in-law, uber talented Ivan. (and the new dry wall covering hideous wood paneling and the crown molding, the cabinets were painted and we added that small strip of molding- it's black- to the top of the cabinets to make them more interesting, and purchased the formica countertop).

One of my favorite things about the kitchen is the shades. They are this amazing green hue and they were soooo cheap. Like cheap blinds from Walmart cheap! They are modern and traditional, masculine yet shabby chic,  at the same time (in my mind at least), which I decorate by the seat of my pants, but whatever.
We did NOT want to have to get a desk and lose that space (what little space in my house the kids haven't taken over).. but with G studying and doing school work every night, mostly on the computer, we had no choice. I shopped and shopped craiglist until the light shined down from Heaven and God blessed us with this perfect desk, for $25 bucks. The computer was free, monitor from Quintons, and computer from G's old work!
I was totally inspired by a "milk glass" decor wall in a magazine and I decided I wanted to use milk glass in my kitchen. I love the vintage, yet modern look of it and I'm going from loving black in my decor, to loving white. Since you can only get milk glass used (it's vintage, not sure if they have started reproducing it yet), I asked my family to be on the quest for milk glass. My sweet sis, Rebecca found some amazing pieces from the dirty dirty (of course, where the best shopping in the east coast is) and I found a few pieces from antique shops around here. And it's super reasonable too! The few I found were about $8/piece.
So this is my favorite wall in the kitchen. I got this huge decal from Etsy and the milk glass along with some other fun decor items.

All in all, after selling items, I'd say out of pocket expense for us on this kitchen was around $150. Cha ching.

I Loooooove decorating... now that this is done, what project can I work on next?? ;)


Robinson Family said...

YOU ARE SENSATIONAL. I LOVE IT! I so want you to come here and spruce up my pad. You have a major talent and gift here kiddo. You do this for CIZASH!

my little kingdom said...

WOW!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! You could have your own HGTV show about cute decor at super great prices. I'm so impressed as always! You are amazing! My favorite is the milk glasses against that tree decal. I know Gmo is loving his desk too. How perfect.

Jackie Miller said...

COURTNEY!!! Your kitchen looks so nice!!! I can't imagine being even 1/2 as creative as you are. Love, love, love the milk glasses and white theme. Looks so good. Isn't it fun to re-do things?! I am always re-doing my house over and over in my mind -- even if we just painted a room, etc... it is a constant process. Maybe it is greed and a continual lust for more. I don't know. But it is fun!! You did a great job! I need to get Russ to hone in on mother's day coming up, don't I?