Friday, March 19, 2010

It ain't easy being green...

I finally remembered to bring my camera cord home, so I was able to post the Johnny Appleseed pics. Cause life wouldn't be complete if you didn't see my kids getting all hill billy.
South Carolina redneck summer uniform. Minus bear lovey.
Hip hop and ya don't stop.
Note to self, don't take the kids to the playground when it's drizzling and they're wearing white pantalones.
Stain ninja to the rescue.
My angel bear and his bear.

I had to buy the boys st. patty's day treats for their st patty's day party tomorrow, and it was pretty late, like ten thirty (ok. late in mom world). Anyways, I only wanted to get the boys green treats. Now, let me tell you, aside from veggies, there is not much green. I wanted to get them something fun & different- fun party food, not the stuff we always eat, like green grapes. So, I looked at all the candy and treats, and finally settled on mint oreos and apple jacks and watermelon juice. I got a gallon of milk and saw a really good deal, of $2 doritos, plus you get a free pepsi max, so I got that too. When I got up to the check out counter, and I was unloading my cart, I thought, this lady probably thinks I've got some mad junk food cravings!!!!


Robinson Family said...

LOVE the Johnny Appleseed get-ups! And you do NOT look stoned! That's a cute pic! Rascal. And I often tell myself when checking out and buying a strange assortment of goods, that cashiers see CRAZY stuff everyday and this is probably nothin'. Love the green treats!

Jackie Miller said...

Oooo! I would eat everything you listed. Except maybe the watermelon juice - not much into that - but yeah. Especially at 10:30 p.m. I'm there.

We didn't do anything fun for St. Patrick's Day. I'm so boring. I forgot about it. I did end up going shopping for clothes though and found 3 green shirts! I bought them all and it wasn't until the ride home when I realized it was St. Patrick's Day and thought it was perfect that I found not one, not two, but THREE green shirts! Wow. Anyway... Luck of the Irish. :)