Thursday, March 11, 2010

I love these peeps... and they both just happened to turn one year older....

My sweet little "nephew" Lukie, happy 2nd birthday my sweets!

Lukie and his beaut-eeee-ful mama.

Luke's party was at his grandparents house, which was a little boys dream world. Tons of land, sticks, rocks, grass, ponds, trees to fill years of fun! They played with the wagon all night long. Electronics? Blah, give that kid a rock and a wagon and he's good to go!

Look at Lukie's awesome b-day cake! It's a farm cake! Judah went bizerk cause he wanted blue Mater.....come on, isn't it good enough we're getting cake? Sigh...... the girl I couldn't imagine life without: my bestest girl- Elizabeth.
Happy birthday to one of the fun-nesssssssst, brightest, sweetest, most generous and amazing people I know. Thank you for all the hilarious & special memories, can't wait to make lots more.
Love you like a sis, 4-eva.

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Robinson Family said...

Love the rockin' pics of you and Miss E. FABULOUS boy fun too at the 2nd b-day party! Riley collected rocks yesterday and they are now his favorite toy. LOVE BOYS!