Monday, March 22, 2010

Date with my lil dude, Hip hopping on the trampoline and Qwelf.

Could you ask for a better weekend?

Because Quinn has been a little clingy lately, I have been wanting to take Judah out on a special date. So, we went to the pet store!
Here Judah is saying "The fish are talking Mama" (too much Nemo??)

This ferret totally cracked me up. He's all like, whatever dude.

Does anyone want a hermit crab with a really, really bad drawing of the incredible hulk on the shell? "You won't like me when I'm angry" (cause he'll scratch your face with his hermit crab claws!)

The day was going great until I picked up Judah to look at the snakes. He screamed at the top of his lungs and yelled, SNAKES ARE SCARY!!!!! And this was his face until I moved him away from the snakes.  Now he says he wasn't scared cause "they were in the cage, they were nice snakes" (what I was telling him in the store).... at least he was listening even if it didn't help him in the moment.

We're always trying to think of creative ways to get the kids energy out before bed. Kids are like Jack Russels, you have to run them for an hour each day.  ;) So, we got out the trampline on this past rainy weekend.... here is Judah once again trying to prove that he didn't inherit my Sherman gene of being gravity-impaired. Us Sherman girls can jump about an inch off the ground.

Nothing like a dance party on a trampline. Quinn could've done this all day, unfortunately we haven't been preacher curling 30 lbs consistently to keep this going for too long..... Ummm, actually, if I remember right, we haven't been preacher curling anything for a long time. Tear. Fat kids.

So our favs came over for dinner and game night. Have I mentioned how much Judah looks up to these boys? I just wish he wouldn't show his affection by body slamming Gavin.

So, the Q's are the game czars. If there is a fun game out there, they will find it. The latest is Qwelf. Just a few things we had to do, I had to sit on my hands the entire game, James had to wear lipstick and make toilet flushing noises the whole time, Elizabeth had to stuff everything in our kitchen into her shirt and Guillermo had to leap frog Gavin all over our house. Pretty much just a normal night of Soler/Quinton hijinks. 
Babe, you got some mad leap frogging skeelz.

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Robinson Family said...

Did you get your kid exercise plan from the Dog Whisperer? Hah!