Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sol-warts: School for kids with magical powers.

Palm week & Easter week!

So, as I was thinking about this last week and this weeks activities, I was pondering the differences between the week of palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. It's really unbelievable that you would have a crowd worshipping Jesus as He rides thru town on a donkey, putting their clothing on the street for this major parade....

to a crowd that would sentence Him to death. The death of a criminal, to be slaughtered while these people cheered on.
I think it was much, MUCH more than just a fickle crowd. If we could see that point in history, and our eyes be opened to the spiritual realm, I think it'd look like this.....

spiritual warfare as the world has never known up until that point.
What PEACE we have knowing what side will always, ultimately be victorious.

So... how do you possibly tell this story by the way of crafts for a 15 month old and almost 3 year old? We read children's Bible stories about Jesus on the Donkey, being worshipped, and Jesus dying on the cross and rising again. We talk about how much we love & worship God and how much He loves us. And at night we pray that God holds our children close until the day they can understand this story fully and accept the risen Christ into their hearts.

You can see the donkey puppets from the earlier post, and the boys got to make a wreath, modeled after the one above. The *special* gardner (in like, what were you thinking kind of special)  that built our house, planted about a thousand palm trees in our front yard, so the boys even got to wave around palm branches.
So, before I had kids, I used to think stuff like this was soooo goofy, but now I embrace the goof. Jelly bean Easter poem?? Fantastic, bring it on, and I'll add some spirit fingers and sign language to Jesus loves the little children. hahahaha. Dude, I'm so that mom now. Sigh. Anyways, the kids get to read the jelly bean easter poem, separate the jelly beans into the colors to go with the poem and then of course, EAT jelly beans. And then run around in circles screaming for three hours at Kat's house. Someone seriously needs to invent a toddler sized hamster wheel....

I had to find the actual inspiration we're using for this craft, cause there would be no explaining this one in writing. Basically giving a visual of how Jesus ascended into Heaven using an upside down cup, string, construction paper and a picture of Jesus.

Then the kids get to decorate big construction paper "Jesus" eggs (just eggs that spell Jesus, so Judah can start practising that words are made up of letters that go together) and finally, the craft that no child should go without doing at least once every few years of the Easter season- putting cotton balls on a paper bunny rabbit.. Hopefully it won't be scary, like this bunny.

Maybe it's the bunny from Donnie Darko, trying to pretend to be the Easter bunny!

Happy Easter Peeps!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kitchen, oh kitchen. How you make me happy.

Whenever a holiday comes up where I get a gift, the best gift from G is to get something done around the house. So my Mother's day gift from last year was to get my kitchen painted.  He painted it right away, but then I had to find money to buy all the final touches. I have tons of luck having virtual garage sales, so I sold a bunch of stuff from my kitchen, including all the old decor, which was yellow walls and black/creme toile theme, sort of like a french country kitchen look. I never could find the perfect toile window treatments, and that drove me nuts, so I finally wanted something different all together. I have one more project I want to do, a painting, but that will have to wait until I have more time and energy. So without further ado.... drumroll  please....... my kitchen!

It's a chalkboard!
The thing on the wall to the top left, I found inspiration from Pottery Barn. They had this huge linen board. So I found a cork board from Goodwill and covered it with this really cool fabric that was a $1 a yard at Walmart.

Shout out: when we moved in, back in 2006 the awesome slate tile was put in by my own personal handy manny and his brother, my bro-in-law, uber talented Ivan. (and the new dry wall covering hideous wood paneling and the crown molding, the cabinets were painted and we added that small strip of molding- it's black- to the top of the cabinets to make them more interesting, and purchased the formica countertop).

One of my favorite things about the kitchen is the shades. They are this amazing green hue and they were soooo cheap. Like cheap blinds from Walmart cheap! They are modern and traditional, masculine yet shabby chic,  at the same time (in my mind at least), which I decorate by the seat of my pants, but whatever.
We did NOT want to have to get a desk and lose that space (what little space in my house the kids haven't taken over).. but with G studying and doing school work every night, mostly on the computer, we had no choice. I shopped and shopped craiglist until the light shined down from Heaven and God blessed us with this perfect desk, for $25 bucks. The computer was free, monitor from Quintons, and computer from G's old work!
I was totally inspired by a "milk glass" decor wall in a magazine and I decided I wanted to use milk glass in my kitchen. I love the vintage, yet modern look of it and I'm going from loving black in my decor, to loving white. Since you can only get milk glass used (it's vintage, not sure if they have started reproducing it yet), I asked my family to be on the quest for milk glass. My sweet sis, Rebecca found some amazing pieces from the dirty dirty (of course, where the best shopping in the east coast is) and I found a few pieces from antique shops around here. And it's super reasonable too! The few I found were about $8/piece.
So this is my favorite wall in the kitchen. I got this huge decal from Etsy and the milk glass along with some other fun decor items.

All in all, after selling items, I'd say out of pocket expense for us on this kitchen was around $150. Cha ching.

I Loooooove decorating... now that this is done, what project can I work on next?? ;)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Billy Bad Donkey.

What do you get when you cross an innocent bystander:
Monster man:

Billy Bad Donkey puppet (it was actually our "palm sunday" donkey that Jesus rode on) but in our house, with our boys, it becomes Billy Bad Donkey (s):

You know what you get? You get this:

And I caught it all on camera. You little Stinker!!

Date with my lil dude, Hip hopping on the trampoline and Qwelf.

Could you ask for a better weekend?

Because Quinn has been a little clingy lately, I have been wanting to take Judah out on a special date. So, we went to the pet store!
Here Judah is saying "The fish are talking Mama" (too much Nemo??)

This ferret totally cracked me up. He's all like, whatever dude.

Does anyone want a hermit crab with a really, really bad drawing of the incredible hulk on the shell? "You won't like me when I'm angry" (cause he'll scratch your face with his hermit crab claws!)

The day was going great until I picked up Judah to look at the snakes. He screamed at the top of his lungs and yelled, SNAKES ARE SCARY!!!!! And this was his face until I moved him away from the snakes.  Now he says he wasn't scared cause "they were in the cage, they were nice snakes" (what I was telling him in the store).... at least he was listening even if it didn't help him in the moment.

We're always trying to think of creative ways to get the kids energy out before bed. Kids are like Jack Russels, you have to run them for an hour each day.  ;) So, we got out the trampline on this past rainy weekend.... here is Judah once again trying to prove that he didn't inherit my Sherman gene of being gravity-impaired. Us Sherman girls can jump about an inch off the ground.

Nothing like a dance party on a trampline. Quinn could've done this all day, unfortunately we haven't been preacher curling 30 lbs consistently to keep this going for too long..... Ummm, actually, if I remember right, we haven't been preacher curling anything for a long time. Tear. Fat kids.

So our favs came over for dinner and game night. Have I mentioned how much Judah looks up to these boys? I just wish he wouldn't show his affection by body slamming Gavin.

So, the Q's are the game czars. If there is a fun game out there, they will find it. The latest is Qwelf. Just a few things we had to do, I had to sit on my hands the entire game, James had to wear lipstick and make toilet flushing noises the whole time, Elizabeth had to stuff everything in our kitchen into her shirt and Guillermo had to leap frog Gavin all over our house. Pretty much just a normal night of Soler/Quinton hijinks. 
Babe, you got some mad leap frogging skeelz.

Friday, March 19, 2010

It ain't easy being green...

I finally remembered to bring my camera cord home, so I was able to post the Johnny Appleseed pics. Cause life wouldn't be complete if you didn't see my kids getting all hill billy.
South Carolina redneck summer uniform. Minus bear lovey.
Hip hop and ya don't stop.
Note to self, don't take the kids to the playground when it's drizzling and they're wearing white pantalones.
Stain ninja to the rescue.
My angel bear and his bear.

I had to buy the boys st. patty's day treats for their st patty's day party tomorrow, and it was pretty late, like ten thirty (ok. late in mom world). Anyways, I only wanted to get the boys green treats. Now, let me tell you, aside from veggies, there is not much green. I wanted to get them something fun & different- fun party food, not the stuff we always eat, like green grapes. So, I looked at all the candy and treats, and finally settled on mint oreos and apple jacks and watermelon juice. I got a gallon of milk and saw a really good deal, of $2 doritos, plus you get a free pepsi max, so I got that too. When I got up to the check out counter, and I was unloading my cart, I thought, this lady probably thinks I've got some mad junk food cravings!!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ludacris' School of Southern Rap

This past week was pretty hectic, so the boys didn't get to do all of the planned stuff, but I'll list the activities, just in case ya'll are looking for some new ideas!

Alexander Graham Bell's birthday! And that dude knows how to par-teeeeee. First Judah got to make card board cell phone and holla at all his peeps. He's working his numbers so this is a great way to practise putting them in order.... quantum physics will have to wait for next week.

Stop callin' stop callin' I don't want to talk anymore! I left my head and my heart on the dance floor.

Quinn SO thought he was on the phone "jibba jabba scibbeda doo".

 The boys got to dress like farmers, make apple sauce, make apple muffins (which SUCK by the way. stupid healthy bran muffins) and had everything worked out the way it was supposed apple memory games with numbers- so easy, just cut out apple shapes, write numbers on them and let the kids match up the numbers. Maybe we'll save our apples for another day.

Next week is St Pat's Day- yay!

Now, while the kids are making green paint by mixing blue and yellow finger paints and painting 3 cut out hearts (and a stem) from construction paper and gluing them together to make a shamrock, I am going to be driving around charleston trying to find a shamrock shake! Can I hear a what what! Where are you my precious??

Bur Burrrrrr. Fa-il.
But what DOESN'T fail is coloring a rainbow and then gluing lucky charms marshmallows and cotton puffs to the rainbow!  And gluing the rainbow colors around the house to leap from color to color looking for the pot of gold!

SO magically delicious.ness. God inspired cupcakes.

And finally- St Patty's day pary!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I love these peeps... and they both just happened to turn one year older....

My sweet little "nephew" Lukie, happy 2nd birthday my sweets!

Lukie and his beaut-eeee-ful mama.

Luke's party was at his grandparents house, which was a little boys dream world. Tons of land, sticks, rocks, grass, ponds, trees to fill years of fun! They played with the wagon all night long. Electronics? Blah, give that kid a rock and a wagon and he's good to go!

Look at Lukie's awesome b-day cake! It's a farm cake! Judah went bizerk cause he wanted blue Mater.....come on, isn't it good enough we're getting cake? Sigh...... the girl I couldn't imagine life without: my bestest girl- Elizabeth.
Happy birthday to one of the fun-nesssssssst, brightest, sweetest, most generous and amazing people I know. Thank you for all the hilarious & special memories, can't wait to make lots more.
Love you like a sis, 4-eva.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yo Yo Birthday Boy! Loving me some 30 year old G!

I Looooooooove you Daddy!! Happy birthday!!!

I love you soooooo much! Haaaaaapppppeeeeeeeee Birthday Daddeeeeeee!

Although I was in ATL on G's b-day, we made up for it with lots of different celebrations and lots of awesome friends and family to help him celebrate! I know everyone made him feel so special! Awwww. And I got a few pics from our dinner party.
My hot birthday hubby!
Quinn loved John so much! It was so cute!
Nothing like seeing your friends connect with your kids. It makes you want to cry and go knit scarves and make sugar cookies and other old lady stuff.

Purty Masie!!!
And of course, our lovely Miss Kat!
Because of all of you, (and many more not pictured) Guillermo felt so warm and fuzzy and blessed!! Thank you for all you did!
This doesn't have anything to do with G's bday, but I had to post it. Seriously, that child would watch tv 24/7 if I let him!!! He's been GLUED to a tv since he was about a week old. If he sees one on anywhere, a store, or wherever, he cranes his neck to look!