Monday, February 8, 2010

Rain Drops on Roses, and Whiskers on Kittens......

These are a few of my favorite things~ and they all happened to happen in a week span! Unfortunately, Gmo is MIA from a lot of the pics cause as a full time student now, he's studying non-stop! I'm so proud of him, but we miss him being with us everywhere we go at night and on the weekend. Pray for Him to do awesome in school!! K- back to the fav's: 1. Playdates with rad friends like the Nibbys (how cute are Olivia and Juju?)
2. My Quinn- the man of many nicknames: Quinny, Bunny, Bunny Bunn,  tookie toonkie, ting ting, fat boy, Quinny poo poo, BubbaQ, Barbecue, Barney, Chumba Wumba, Cheembo, Teembo, CheembaBeemba, CheembaWimbee, ooky dookie. I promise it sounds like I am just making up the most insane names I can think of- but he is called all of these names on a regular basis. It's Guillermo- maybe many insane nick names is a Puerto Rican thing? Lol. 

3. Funny Quinn: Quinn's been doing the stanky leg all the time, picking up one foot and stomping it and finally Kat told me what he was doing, trying to imitate Judah in his new light up shoes (Lightning McQueen shoes he got from his Tio & Miss Kat- his new favorite thing, every morning I hear him wake up and immediately go get them to make them light up by slamming on the floor). Poor Quinny- his Robeez don't light up! Which brings me to another topic, his feet are too fat for all of Judah's hand me down shoes. Do you think he'll be wearing robeez until he's a teenager? Do they make them in men's sizes? lol.
4. Pillow/Dance parties.

5. Brotherly love! (this is the only picture where Judah wasn't putting Quinn in a neck lock btw)
6. Girl's Night Out- Ice skating night, even tho a lot of the girls pooped out and couldn't come, we still had an awesome time. We practised our triple lutz tow-cow triple dips.
7. Funny Judah! Practising his silly faces and rooting for "his" team while watching the Superbowl.
8. No- monster trucks are not one of my favs, BUT seeing my kids have so much fun is one! My Dad took Judah to the monster truck rally. Judah was AMAZED and has been talking about it all day, every day since then! He let me cut his hair into a mohawk to look like "monster truck man"- so now I'd better find a monster truck driver with a mohawk.
Here is another picture of Quinn on the playdate, stupid blogger- I couldn't get it to move it back to the top!
The day I can master all of this formatting will be the day they change it again.

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