Friday, February 19, 2010

Magnum PI got nuttin on us!

Ole! It's Gavin's 13th Mexican b-day party. We love you Gavin!!!! Yo Quiero tu sombrero de dulce! 
Mustaches make us very serious.

And Quinny very mad, "settle down hitler".

Yay. Happy again with his girl- Auntie E.

Uh oh, another angry mustache. Hopefully Auntie E has room in her arms for one more.

Mustache: ALL the cool kids have them!


Drum roll please! Cutest little boys in the world: Judah & Quinny! (think I'm a little biased) ;)


Auntie EEEEEEEEEEEE said...

SERIOUSLY! That picture of you + GMO with the staches makes me laugh til I cry every single time!! GMO's mustache looks so teeny tiny!! hahahahaaaa!!!

So much fun! + they are the cutest boys in the world!

Robinson Family said...

Precious adorable and then some. LOVED the staches. SOOOO funny. But Quinn looks adorable! And the drummer look on Judah is totally a keeper.

my little kingdom said...

I love your baby drummer boys. They are so cute! And the mustache on Quinny is hilarious!!