Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Don't eat the yellow snow......

So, no doubt, every mama with a blog in charleston is posting pics of her kids and their snowmen from the weekend, but how can you not share the love- it truly was a weather miracle! I grew up in MI, so I guess I can't fully appreciate how awesome it is to see snow for the first time, but to the my Boricua hubby, bear man and Lee Lee Low (Judah's new nick name for Quinn)- they thought it was the right up there with mini colored marshmallows awesomeness!!
Aren't my parents the cutest peeps ever!!! It was so sweet to see my Dad help Judah roll out a dwarf snowman when the snow just started to fall Friday night.
Awwww, look at his chocolatey delicious eyes! That Judah ate when no one was looking.

Thank goodness G had a giant waterproof jacket. Unfortunately I outgrew my cute ski clothes 2 bebes and 800 lbs ago. Bellay, go away. Moving on, I have to say, thank God for the hand me down ski suit from our VA friends for Quinn! He was roly poly man, falling face first into the snow, so thankfully the suit kept him dry.

South Cack-a-lack snow boots. yee haw y'all.

Awww, the boys and their cute little snowman... wait a minute.....

That's not a cute little snow man! That's what horror movies are made of. "..... it was a dark scary valentine's weekend when the rosey eyed, dagger toothed snowman came alive to murrrrrder the family that lovingly rolled him up on their front lawn".

That kid has a wicked curve snowball.

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my little kingdom said...

:) HAH! I love your posts! they make me smile sooo big!! HAH!! I love the south cacalaca snow boots and how excited Indy looks to be in the snow. Your parents are too adorable in that pic! .. Judah and Lee-Lee-Low are such doll babies in their snuggle bug snow gear. love it.