Monday, February 1, 2010

Center For Children Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too

So, my one and two year old can't read, so it's not a diss to their learning skeelz- it's a line from one of my favorite movies- Zoolander! One of the "perks" of daycare (in my opinion) was that Judah was learning a curriculum and had little activites and parties every month. Miss Mary-Kat- Poppins and I are starting this for Judah (and Quinn as he gets older) again while under her care.  He'll do planned learning activities two times a week, sort of like a 2 day a week preschool program. Still- the majority of their day is free play, good eats, sitting on the potty and naps- but if you're like me and would like to mix in some new and so fresh and so clean clean clean to your toddlers life, I'm going to start posting his toddler learning and craft activites! I loooooove reading other peeps ideas for kid-fun-crafts-food and have a big notebook at home to use on a rainy day, so maybe you'll like the suggestions- and maybe you'll leave me some comments of other ideas- which I'd LOVE. Either way, if you only check the blog to read about my love of Lil' Boosie and Lost- sorry- don't ussually post about fantastic stuff like that- only about amazing kids. PS. This ain't rocket science or anything glamorous, just small activites Kat & I think of for lil' people with stuff I have around the house.

F is for Fish!
-I cut out scrapbook paper fish, sharks, seaweed, waves and "F" for Judah to glue and make a purty picture
-The kids got to read Finding Nemo, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and Limu- the underwater turtle.
-I got my biggest bowl out and Judah got to count the number of fish (his fishy bath toys) as he dropped them in and took them back out and he & Quinn got to play with fish in the water.
-I mixed up the alphabet letters on the fridge and Judah got to find the Fs

Kat thought a great idea to follow the calendar days as ideas for activites, which I think is really fun and will always give you great ideas, so this week it's.....

Groundhog and puppet week!
-making puppets that can "pop" out of a hole using a posicle stick and dixie cup
-making a brown paper bag groundhog puppet
-making shadow puppets
-practise tracing a letter G and finding a letter G magnet

*This isn't our actual puppet, but you get the idea! It looks like a little brown turd coming out of a cup- how cute is that! hahaha.

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Robinson Family said...

YES! Please post! LOVE those little ideas. I know of a cool website too if you need one for more ideas, thought it looks like you've got it covered. her name really Mrs. Poppins?! That's so freakin' cool!