Monday, January 25, 2010

Uh-oh. Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.

Dude. Totally have a case of the Mondays, or maybe I should say, I hate mondays cause I miss my sweethearts especially on mondays after spending a couple of awesome full days with them. BUT, now I can say, they're with the next best thing to Guillermo or I- with Miss Kat! Whom they adore and she loves them all snuggly at the house! Sooooooo- here are some pics of a pretty typical day around the Soul-Errrr-Ohhh (as our friend Ben calls us) house hold.

Judah is awakened too early from his nap cause of the screaming banchee- Quinny, therefore he is not in the best mood- but look at Quinn, he's too cool for school- AND too cool for crying. He doesn't have to cry, it's time to PLAY!

Judah gets more upset.......and more adorable, might I add......
Mama to the rescue!! Poor Bebe.
Look! All better now..... (with his new obsession, the movie Cars and his little cars from Cars, which he takes EVERYWHERE with him, potty, EVERY time we leave the house, move from room to room, they have to go to the table when he eats..... you get the point)

Cue cool guy bass guitar rift, Quinn- not deterred by big brother melt down OR a face plant into the side of the chair making his nose slightly swollen!

It's all good in the hood.

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Robinson Family said...

I forgot to tell you last time that I love the new look of the blog! And YES, Judah and Riley would have fun for sure with their Cars cars. You dig? I thought for sure Riley would be peeing in his potty to get Wingo and DJ by now, but it looks like we're on a potty stand off. Bah!