Thursday, December 31, 2009

Visions of Sugar Plums Danced in their Head!!

Christmas Eve was sooooo much fun. I was waiting ....soooo excited to bring out all the gifts and put them under the tree! Christmas with kids is the best ever!! Even better than being a kid at Christmas!

Judah was so happy, he got to pick out cookies for Santa- good choice Judah, I'm sure Santa LOVED the Oreos!!! ;)

Judah was in train-car-skateboard heaven! Thanks especially to Judah's grandparents for some awesome train sets! :)
The next Tony Hawk???? Don't worry, we got him all the pads and helmets too!

The only year where the best gift is the paper! Now if we can just keep him from eating it!

Silly Santa's Little Helper!! You can see his "Shrek" teeth, as Guillermo calls it (Judah has them too). The cutest little Shrek teefus boys in the whole world!

Our Christmas was small and intimate, we celebrated at our house Christmas day and had Christmas dinner at my parents house. The next day, my sister and her husband- Rebecca & Will came and we all hung out at my parents house. Christmas morning has to be in the top 5- best days of my whole life. Seriously, there is nothing better than celebrating that with your kids (when they can finally start to understand Jesus' birthday, giving and getting presents, the idea that something special is going to happen, etc.). Judah did something very, VERY strange though. He was so speechless and excited when he finally got up Christmas morning, when he saw all the gifts, he picked the first one up that he saw, threw it on the ground and jumped on it! I was soooo shocked and mad, Guillermo was laughing as hard as he could- I told Judah if he was going to act like that, he was going to sit in his room!! He replied "Yes, Ma'am" with the most sincere voice in the whole world!! Silly boy! Also- for Christmas, Judah left Santa his nighttime sleeping pacifiers, with the cookies and milk- in exchange for presents. He's been doing well at night, takes a lot longer to go to sleep and every night since Christmas says "I want my bobo back, I don't want any presents" but other than that- doing great!!


The Tylers said...

Ahhh...I love your boys even though I don't get to see them too often! Toddlers are so funny and it cracks me up to see how they react in different situations. For Thomas, jumping around on one leg while holding his rear-end is how he reacts when he is REALLY happy. Boys are so silly!

Robinson Family said...

Do I spy GeoTracks?! That's what my nephew got and he loves them! It's so fun seeing them play and all excited. Your little elves are truly precious!

my little kingdom said...

How sweet! I love the pic of Judah Bear on his new skateboard! ... and looks like the Geotrax were a big hit!! Quinny is the cutest Santa's Helper ever!