Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Please Lord, help the children to know the Christmas tree is not a jungle gym.....

YaY!!!! My most favorite time of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No flu could keep me from decorating the house!  and we had Christmas elves helping this year too! Judah was sooo awesome helping put the ornaments up! He is totally afraid of the Mr. Monty, singing scrooge (to right of couch) and tells me once a day to please not play it, and also I found he's afraid of the small lit christmas tree I put in his room! He told me the next night to not turn it on because it was scary! Hmmmm?
You can see one of my all time favorite Christmas gifts, the Santa paintings my sister Rebecca painted for me last year! And the awesome Santa statue (with the lights to the left of the couch) was a wedding gift from my Aunt & Uncle, made by my Aunt Marge. I love those kinds of sentimental gifts! Makes Christmas even more special!

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