Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Christmas Presents from God....

It goes without saying that the reason for Christmas is the BEST gift to all of us, without HIM, not only would there be real no reason to celebrate anything, but basically life would suck. ANYways, my other special gift from God for Christmas is that it is COLD!!! No snow, but it's cool, chilly, frigid, sweater weather, C.O.L.D. here. And I LOVE it. Thank you God! And finally, the presents that are amazing EVERY day, not just Christmas, my sweet hubby and babies. Thank God for my family, my extended family and my amazing friends. I feel so blessed.

I hope this Christmas season, you have the gift of Christ and His salvation, first and foremost. I hope you have the gifts of Peace, Love & Joy, and all of God's blessings and promises in your life! I hope your Christmas is amazing and somehow the day goes by very slowly and you can enjoy all the blessings of Christmas. Merry Christmas! Love the Solers!

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JackRussell said...

Oh my goodness! What sweet pictures! Umm... Quinn looks JUST like you! And I really like that last one of Judah - very handsome! :) You guys looks great!