Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sick yourself Skinny. Flu your Flab Away!

I'm cashing in on this new fad diet before someone else does. So, I've been on hiatus from everything- even motherhood (God bless my dear husband- Mr. Mom) while I had the worst flu of my life. Thank God I'm about 85%, which compared to this weekend, I feel like a new person! Both boys have been sick with chest colds, but neither went into the flu that I had. And thank God Guillermo is the healthiest person I know- never having the flu EVER- so he took care of us. Praise reports: God really had his hand of protection over Judah, who fell off a 5 foot tall slide while sitting on the top ready to slide down, for some reason he toppled off backwards, landing on his face in the sand, no injuries other than bruising and Quinn has a heinous heat rash that got majorly infected- which we were afraid was MRSA, looks like it's finally healing (and most likely not MRSA). Thank you God!!!

This is the card I would send myself. Not sure where my heathy immune system has gone, but between 2 pregnancies (where babies get all your immunity) and having 2 babies/kids in daycare and having a crazy schedule, we ALL stay sick ('cept Gmo of course). Bleh. We're on the upswing now... so I'll stop complaining.


my little kingdom said...

wow! I'm so glad you are starting to feel better. I knew something was up when I hadn't heard from you yet this week! I just figured you were slammed at work. Glad to see a new post here! HUGS!!

JackRussell said...

Flu SUCKS! The last time I had it was a few weeks before our wedding and I felt so bad I thought I wouldn't be able to walk the isle. I wish I would've known you didn't feel well b/c earlier this week I made a killer batch of chicken noodle soup that you could've thrown up. :) Glad you're feeling better now!