Monday, October 12, 2009

Well, looks like I may have spoke too soon.

Guess no A-team van for us!
Despite the repair shop recommending total loss since last week, I Finally got the call from the adjuster today they are going to repair it instead because the total cost to fix it is a little bit lower than the 75% value of the car (their threshhold to repair vs call it a total loss). I told them the car better be EXACTLY the same way it was before the accident for me to be ok with that (if I even have a choice).... and I also found out that we need to pay for the tires on top of the deductible, since they do not pay for the mechanical damage that caused the accident, just the damage the accident cost! Guess I'd better go buy some miracle grow for the money tree, cause I need it to sprout another branch!! I guess in the end, or at two years from now, when the car is paid off we'll be happy to not have had to start over with a new car payment, or search for that perfect car again. Despite the flack I get about driving a minivan, I love that car. It is the perfect car for us. I guess my biggest worry at this point is Judah being scared to be in the van. He says every day when we're driving "mama's car crashed" "mama's car bo-can (broken)" and puts his little cars on the back of a dump truck and says,  car being towed like mama's car......... he didn't want to drive back to Charleston in it crying that it was broken. Some people might think I'm making a moutain out of a mole hill with him and anxiety about my car, but I was in a bad accident in high school and it took me about 12 years to not be a nervous wreck when someone else was driving in the rain. And now driving, if I drive over a rough patch, I start to panic thinking my tire is about to blow out. Then I am reminded that God is in charge, He protected us, He protects us and I get over it.

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my little kingdom said...

I hope with time that sweet Ju-Ju will feel better about the van. Thankfully with such calm and collected parents he when he sees ya'll are okay with it, he'll be okay too.