Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This is what I noticed when I picked Judah up from daycare the other day. Can you see his blue head? Ussually his head is full of sand....  this is one of those daycare/Judah playing mysteries. Was he painting with his head? Did he get bonked on the head with another kid's paint brush? Was he playing drums on his head with a wet paint brush? Did paint drip on his head when someone taller than him was fixing the paint? Knowing Judah- I vote for the playing drums on his head with a wet paint brush theory.

Guillermo's sweet family came to visit us this weekend! To my left is Titi Gloria (Guillermo's Aunt) and to my right is her daughter, G's cousin- Natalia and her adorable son Christian. It was such a joy to hang out with them! We're so happy they made the special trip to see us. Pray for Natalia's husband- Raphael, who also came down- he's in the Air Force and will be deployed to Iraq in one month. Pray for Natalia and Christian too, he'll be away when her little girl is born in January!

Judah loved dancing with Tio Jorge (Guillermo's Uncle)!

Guillermo Loves his little second cousin!  Look at that adorable face! We all agree he looks just like Ivan!

This is another one of those, *are those really my kids all grown up* moments! Can you believe how big the boys are! Quinn sitting like a little man in the cart! Judah cracks Quinn up all day long by making funny noises! They'll probably be like my sisters and I growing up, we spoke made up "martian" and "mummy" language in stores to each other and burst out laughing.

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my little kingdom said...

What a sweet family you have! I love that Gmo's side came down to visit. What a cute little second cousin they have. You can definitely tell they are related!

I love love love the photo of them together in the car grocery cart. So adorable!