Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pump, Pump, Pump-kin it up!

I just can't resist the seriously cheese ball titles! Our new Sherman/Soler family tradition for 3 years now is to carve pumpkins together. This year it was even more fun when our sweet friends the Van Houtens (Uncle David, Aunt Beth, Jackson and Luke) came and joined into the fun! Judah and Jackson were so brave to pull out the pumpkin "brains" as my Dad kept calling it. Judah tried to put the pulp back in the pumpkin after he had helped clean it out! There are some master carvers here! My Dad did the Jesus face, Beth did the Happy Jack O' Lantern, David did the Cookie Monster and Guillermo did the bird in flight!
It felt like an awesome holiday, after we carved pumpkins, we had a awesome dinner - where let me just brag about my husband's cooking skeelz for a minute- he is an awesome cook, but his meat-cooking skills are the best I know, other than his dad- Jose Vicens.
I guess they have magical Puerto Rican meat cooking skills.


Robinson Family said...

Way cool! LOVE carving pumpkins. Though we don't have the SKEELZ like the Solers do!

my little kingdom said...

that was sooo much fun! I'm still drooling over that amazing roast! Gmo could open a restaurant. He's so talented.

Pumpkins turned out so good. I'm amazed at your Dad's and Gmo's carving skills!