Monday, October 26, 2009

Fun on a budget- Fall Fairs, the best thing ever.

There is about a million new things to appreciate and love once you have kids. I am now a little more appreciative of Charleston's weather, for the sake of my kids (not for my big sweaty behind).. but that they can run and play most days and it's not overcast, rainy or too cold- now mind you- I'd trade crisp cool weather any day for this weather, but just looking on the bright side- K, I am rambling. ANYways, another thing I now really appreciate even more is fall fesitvals! They're the PERFECT thing for a toddler!! My parents treated our family to their church's fall festival, super cheap tickets, yummy food for good prices and Judah had a blast. I was sooo proud of him, he can be sort of sketched out with different kids things, especially if it is made for a kid bigger than himself, like climbing up the really huge jungle gym type things, or the obstacle course jump castles, but yesterday he did EVERYthing without hesitation! Even the massive slide (not the one in the picture below, but the one that was probably 40 feet in the air). We're going to Seacoast's fall festival next friday, Oct 30th: Rocktober. You should come too!


Robinson Family said...

So glad Seacoast is doing a Fall Festival this year. Have fun and tell me all about it!

my little kingdom said...

GO JUDAH! He's so proud of himself going down that big slide and so is Auntie Beth. Look at that big boy! Looks like ya'll had a blast! Love the matching Clemson t-shirts.