Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Put my hands up, they're playing my song... it's a party in Waikiki

My sis, Rebecca & her hubby Will, brought the kids some goodies from their honeymoon and Quinn, or should I say - Kue'ini got an awesome, funny little outfit!

My neck! My back! Someone call Bill Green!

Look at that snarky face!! No doubt he was waving his hands singing Miley Cyrus this morning!! All I know, is if the boy is standing without holding onto anything, he'll be walking fairly soon! Where is my itty bitty baby??? Who just wanted to be held and snuggled! Sigh.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fun on a budget- Fall Fairs, the best thing ever.

There is about a million new things to appreciate and love once you have kids. I am now a little more appreciative of Charleston's weather, for the sake of my kids (not for my big sweaty behind).. but that they can run and play most days and it's not overcast, rainy or too cold- now mind you- I'd trade crisp cool weather any day for this weather, but just looking on the bright side- K, I am rambling. ANYways, another thing I now really appreciate even more is fall fesitvals! They're the PERFECT thing for a toddler!! My parents treated our family to their church's fall festival, super cheap tickets, yummy food for good prices and Judah had a blast. I was sooo proud of him, he can be sort of sketched out with different kids things, especially if it is made for a kid bigger than himself, like climbing up the really huge jungle gym type things, or the obstacle course jump castles, but yesterday he did EVERYthing without hesitation! Even the massive slide (not the one in the picture below, but the one that was probably 40 feet in the air). We're going to Seacoast's fall festival next friday, Oct 30th: Rocktober. You should come too!

Girl's *spooky* Night Out!

These are my Girl's Night Out peeps! Wenda, Cherri, Anita and Sharon. They all work for the City and it's great to have fun outside of work. We did a ghost tour. Lemme just tell you, this is really one of the first tourist tours I've ever done in Charleston. It was amazing! I'm so glad I went. I learned so much history and I did "The Charleston" with the Poogan's Porch ghost. ;)  Charleston has such a rich history and spiritual history.  I got some really cool B&W photos, I had to post.

Not sure why- but I LOVE this picture!! Soooo spooktactularly fall!

It is amazing to me that some of the graves in this graveyard date back to the mid 1600's!! And This grave was from the 1700's. I don't know about you, but I have a hard time understanding *old*. I feel like the pickle jar in the back of my fridge is old!! I can't fathom this person passed away over 100 years BEFORE the civil war!! Wow.

Poogan's Porch has been featured on many ghost/travel/food shows. It's supposedly the fourth most haunted restaurant in America. The only thing I want to haunt me from Poogans Porch is the biscuits and gravy from Sunday brunch!

How cool is this!! In honor of breast cancer awareness month!

And a bloomin' onion fell from Heaven.......

I just wanted to tell you how good God and some amazingly sweet people can be. I have been pretty desperate for a date night, but because of how crazy busy life has been lately and limited funds- (I know you can do free/cheap date nights, but we LOVE to see movies and have dinner on our date night, so we'd both rather save up our free babysitting services- thanks Mom & Dad- for nights when we have money for dinner/movie)- ANYways, I was thinking about two weeks ago how much both G & I needed a night to ourselves and about two days later, a sweet friend of my families said that because of all we've gone through lately that she wanted to bless us with a date night free dinner and free babysitting! I couldn't believe it! I know God had put that on her heart to do that for us, at that time. God is so good. We ate like kings at Outback- seriously think I ate 3000 calories that night... I feel so blessed to know sweet people like her and a God that cares about the *little* things- like needing a date night!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This is what I noticed when I picked Judah up from daycare the other day. Can you see his blue head? Ussually his head is full of sand....  this is one of those daycare/Judah playing mysteries. Was he painting with his head? Did he get bonked on the head with another kid's paint brush? Was he playing drums on his head with a wet paint brush? Did paint drip on his head when someone taller than him was fixing the paint? Knowing Judah- I vote for the playing drums on his head with a wet paint brush theory.

Guillermo's sweet family came to visit us this weekend! To my left is Titi Gloria (Guillermo's Aunt) and to my right is her daughter, G's cousin- Natalia and her adorable son Christian. It was such a joy to hang out with them! We're so happy they made the special trip to see us. Pray for Natalia's husband- Raphael, who also came down- he's in the Air Force and will be deployed to Iraq in one month. Pray for Natalia and Christian too, he'll be away when her little girl is born in January!

Judah loved dancing with Tio Jorge (Guillermo's Uncle)!

Guillermo Loves his little second cousin!  Look at that adorable face! We all agree he looks just like Ivan!

This is another one of those, *are those really my kids all grown up* moments! Can you believe how big the boys are! Quinn sitting like a little man in the cart! Judah cracks Quinn up all day long by making funny noises! They'll probably be like my sisters and I growing up, we spoke made up "martian" and "mummy" language in stores to each other and burst out laughing.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pump, Pump, Pump-kin it up!

I just can't resist the seriously cheese ball titles! Our new Sherman/Soler family tradition for 3 years now is to carve pumpkins together. This year it was even more fun when our sweet friends the Van Houtens (Uncle David, Aunt Beth, Jackson and Luke) came and joined into the fun! Judah and Jackson were so brave to pull out the pumpkin "brains" as my Dad kept calling it. Judah tried to put the pulp back in the pumpkin after he had helped clean it out! There are some master carvers here! My Dad did the Jesus face, Beth did the Happy Jack O' Lantern, David did the Cookie Monster and Guillermo did the bird in flight!
It felt like an awesome holiday, after we carved pumpkins, we had a awesome dinner - where let me just brag about my husband's cooking skeelz for a minute- he is an awesome cook, but his meat-cooking skills are the best I know, other than his dad- Jose Vicens.
I guess they have magical Puerto Rican meat cooking skills.

The best part about waking up isn't folgers in my cup......

It's seeing my Babes!!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Well, looks like I may have spoke too soon.

Guess no A-team van for us!
Despite the repair shop recommending total loss since last week, I Finally got the call from the adjuster today they are going to repair it instead because the total cost to fix it is a little bit lower than the 75% value of the car (their threshhold to repair vs call it a total loss). I told them the car better be EXACTLY the same way it was before the accident for me to be ok with that (if I even have a choice).... and I also found out that we need to pay for the tires on top of the deductible, since they do not pay for the mechanical damage that caused the accident, just the damage the accident cost! Guess I'd better go buy some miracle grow for the money tree, cause I need it to sprout another branch!! I guess in the end, or at two years from now, when the car is paid off we'll be happy to not have had to start over with a new car payment, or search for that perfect car again. Despite the flack I get about driving a minivan, I love that car. It is the perfect car for us. I guess my biggest worry at this point is Judah being scared to be in the van. He says every day when we're driving "mama's car crashed" "mama's car bo-can (broken)" and puts his little cars on the back of a dump truck and says,  car being towed like mama's car......... he didn't want to drive back to Charleston in it crying that it was broken. Some people might think I'm making a moutain out of a mole hill with him and anxiety about my car, but I was in a bad accident in high school and it took me about 12 years to not be a nervous wreck when someone else was driving in the rain. And now driving, if I drive over a rough patch, I start to panic thinking my tire is about to blow out. Then I am reminded that God is in charge, He protected us, He protects us and I get over it.

So.... they say it's your birthday? No, they say the car is a total loss.....

In some ways I am soooo thankful it's a total loss- to not be driving my precious cargo in a majorly repaired car.... but then I get very, very sad that we're starting over with car payments, when we were half way finished paying off the van. But - on the bright side, we get to purchase a new vehicle... and thankfully this is happening before Guillermo goes down to working part time.... so our credit will be better.  Please pray that they give us a fair and good pay off and that we find the perfect car at the perfect price. These are my top choices.........

But ONLY if the car comes with Mr. T "I pity tha foo"

You know we'll need it for our 25 kids!!!! (Plus 7 nannies)..........

Oh, come on- this would be so smart!! We could strap the kids to the roof!

Now this is freaking amazing! I seriously need this vespa!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wedding Crashers. Heehee.

Yes, those are ALL of our skid marks. (no, I did not take pictures of the skid marks in our pants. yes, I did just write that). So, my sister Rebecca's wedding was this past weekend. On our way to Atlanta, while about 25 miles outside of the dirty dirty my back tire blew out- we were traveling about 70mph in "rush hour traffic" (if you live near or have been to ATL, you'll know that this is a very normal scenerio, in Charleston, rush hour means a parking lot), anyways, the car fishtailed for about 70 yards and finally spun in a complete circle twice and we slammed into the guard rail. Let me just tell you,  this was a complete GOD miracle that #1 we did not flip #2 we did not hit another car, since my car immediately flew across 3 lanes of traffic (we were traveling in the fast lane) #3 no one was hurt other than minor bruising.  This was probably the worst moment of my life, when I looked back and saw the terror in my kids eyes in the last spin and thought, this is it, we're going to be hit by a semi truck, this thing is going to flip over and felt horribly out of control and like I was going to lose my family. God and His angels were protecting us 100%. Also, in police training, I was able to drive on a skid pad several times, learning how to regain control of a car in an out of control spin or fishtail, had I not had this training, my instincts would've probably been to slam on my brakes and the van would've flipped. Instead, my instincts were to steer into the fishtail and as soon as the tires regained some type of control, steer out of the turn. Thank God for this unique training. When you're in a situation like this, your instincts take over and your logic stops (at least for me). Thankfully my parents and Firoze (my brother in law) all came out to rescue us. Thankfully I have a very handy husband who was able to change tires, so we could get to a mechanics shop where they sold us new tires. We were able to tie the back hatch down and bumper down to get back to Charleston. The mechanic shop didn't notice the whole back axel was bent and the front tires were worn down to the metal threads, which is another miracle that we made it home to Charleston safe. God is good. I hope they total the car rather than fix some major damage. Please pray that the car is 100% safe if they choose to repair it rather than total it.

We're "over" the wreck and ready for some fun. Here we are at the rehearsal dinner, the place where we ate was an amazing restaraunt called Anthony's. They say it is supposedly haunted. I kept yelling BOO, while everyone was giving toasts. I figure if I was more scary than the ghosts, they'd stay away! The people at Anthony's were so sweet they made Judah a 3 course special dinner!!

My sister Rebecca, the bride! The wedding was "You are my Sunshine" theme. She's been dreaming of a yellow wedding since we were kids. The wedding was beautifull and so was she! My only complaint was the flowers smelled like farts. I kept yelling "I didn't do it, it's my flowers" during the ceremony!! JUST kidding.

My friends Beth & David drove all the way from Charleston to attend the wedding!

My family (sans Rebecca of course), my older sister Julie, Mom and Dad!

I had to take a picture of the super hot drummer! I wonder if he's married? He looks like a good baby daddy!

I had to put a picture up of my boys. With my awesomely cute & brilliant nephew, Devon- whom I adore. I think Judah and I may scare him with our "super affection"! I just want to eat him up!

Quinn with his awesome Mimi! I made this picture big so you could see Quinn, is it just me, or does he look like a little man now!! He doesn't even look like a baby anymore!! He's been pulling himself up constantly and even stood on his own with no support for about 5 seconds, he crawls all over the place now, it's funny to have to baby proof the house again! Certain things that Judah knows not to touch, like the dog's food- now is the most appealing bowl of fun (or food) to Quinn! Speaking of dogs, if things couldn't get any crazier- our friend Justin watched Indy for us over the weekend. Because we had to deal with the car on monday and Guillermo had an exam in school that night, we were planning to get him last night instead. It turns out some time during the day, he ran away out of Justin's very nice privacy fence (Indy if freaking Houdini, I'm telling you). Anyways, I lost it.  I coudln't handle my dog being dead on the side of the road, or eaten by a pit bull, after the accident, kids being sick, me being sick, I still have over 20 stiches on the side of my head and because of that I wake up every time I roll on that side of my head, thus getting choppy sleep- I told God- I cannot handle burying my dog, so in His graciousness- it turned out the Dorchestor Co animal control found him, took him to the SPCA and I got him today on my lunch break. Ahhh, can things go back to normal yet??