Monday, September 14, 2009

solers + food = happy

Quinn wants regular adult food soooo bad, he tried to climb out of his high chair several times and grab our food. Look at him plotting on Guillermo's food!!
I'm gonna git u sucka.
When Quinn is tired, Guillermo can make him cry just by laughing in a sinister way (I'm going to try to upload the video later).... look at this little sad face!! Have you ever seen anything more pathetic? Makes me wanna run & pick him up from daycare and give him lots and lots of kisses.
Judah thought he was the coolest kid ever when he got to eat an ice cream cone like a big kid!


elizabeth said...

That picture of sad Quinn is so funny. Sad, but funny. He looks just like your sad face, Courtney. ;)

I will have to send you the video of Quinn trying to steal my lollipop the other night. That boy is STRONG. We had such an awesome weekend with you guys. I still think we should look into communal living. Raising all these kids would be a BREEZE.

Robinson Family said...

Shoot! I was doing GREAT on eating today until I saw Judah eating a soft serve chocolate cone. Bah! Off to Mickey D's!

Made For You By Mrs Woo said...

Woodhouses + food = happy too

but that shouldn't come as a big surprise! gimme that cheeseburger!