Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Potty Training Update:week two. (don't read if you have a weak stomach).

Sooo, here's the good, the bad and the stinky of our experiences with potty training. Judah has gone from loving to sit on the potty to hating to sit on the potty to loving it again. He is soooo proud of himself for being  a big boy and proudly yells "I DID IT" when he's finished. He for some reason, at times doesn't fully express all the urine on the potty, unless you keep encouraging him to make big pee-pees. And he holds it a lot esp at night and during naptimes, so maybe we can move to big boy underwear sooner than I thought too! At home he's done really well-telling us when he has to go 80% of the time, the other times we make him sit there to avoid an accident. At school he only has accidents on the playground. He def hates to stop playing to go inside to use the potty, they're working on that. Potty training has made Judah pretty emotional, he gets frustrated very easy and it's affecting his bed time routine, but all in all, it's been good and he's been doing very well for him starting potty training a week ago at 2 years, 3 months.....I didn't think we'd be here until he was closer to three (which from all of what we've gone through, I think it is best to wait until they are super-ready, if it weren't for daycare, we would've probably waited longer). I think in about another week or so, he should be accident free, as long as daycare cooperates with all of our efforts.  I think he's eaten about 1,000 m&ms and has forced G and I to eat about 3,000 m&ms in the process too. Plus, the only way we can convince him to sit on the potty without getting up is to let him watch tv, so he's probably watched more tv in the past week than in his entire life!
The *highlight* of the whole process, was last week (day #4 potty training) when it was the second time he had a #2 on the potty, he was alone in the living room while Gmo was giving Quinn a bath and I was making Quinn's bottles in the kitchen. I heard G yell, Court- come here!! Judah was standing up, pulling the poop out with his hands (as it's coming out of his body) and throwing it on the floor. The dog picked a piece up in his mouth and rolled it to the other side of the room. G and I stood there with looks of horror and we both wanted to run away. Since he had the soaking wet baby in his arms, guess who got to clean up Judah- now pretty much covered in poo? Me! Hopefully that'll be our one and only incident of poop EVERYWHERE. ;)


my little kingdom said...

HAH! that's great. I love the poop story. ... Judah is doing so well!! Keep up the good work big boy!!

Made For You By Mrs Woo said...

that is sooo gross!!!! uugh!