Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Yay! No labor for labor day, we went with Q's and my parents to Charlestowne Landing. I climbed over the fences and pretended I was at a petting zoo. The bob cat and I curled up under a tree together while I rubbed his belly. Judah and Quinn loved the long walk and seeing the 4 foot banana spiders in the trees. This the closest thing Charleston has to a zoo, so if you want to have some animal fun- go check it out! Oh, btw- no lions, tigers- but there is a bear!
Big kids in little hats. Tommy want wingy.

Bison- bring me my sippy cup.

Have I mentioned before how much my kids adore their Auntie E & Uncle James?
I think this is the cutest, on-purpose-for-the-camera smile Judah has ever given. Two more people who my kids adore! Their Mimi & Papa! (PS. I'm not sure who put his hat up to look like a whacky little sailor boy?)
Judah's FAVORITE food! Watah-mennon.

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