Monday, September 14, 2009

Is it really that time?????


And then it started. Potty training. For anyone that has two (or more) kids in diapers, you'd probably think this day would be the best day of our lives! But I was so surprised and shocked (and unprepared) when this happened,  I def wasn't ready for this day. Typically with everything, I read books, articles, debate in my mind different techniques for child-stuff, I talk to experienced moms, I plan, plan, plan... I figured I had lots of time to figure out which technique I'd use to potty train Judah. He def did not seem "ready" in my book.... but, at his daycare, they've started him sitting on the potty (since there is a little potty trained prodigy child in his class, who was completely potty trained by around 20 months.... so they let the other kids sit on the potty when it's time for her to go.. SO... Judah has been asking to sit on the potty at home for about two weeks too. Which of course, we induldge. He has never once actually used the potty, instead wearing it as a hat, throwing his toys in it, walking it around the house like a pot of magic soup. Anyways, saturday morning he actually peed in the potty, shouting "I did it!! YAY Judah"... so I looked at Guillermo probably with the biggest shocked look of OH CRAP, what do we do now look..of course, I don't want to be going back and forth between potty and diapers in awake hours,  so we decided to cancel all weekend plans and let him wear big boy underwear (which we had three, from good gymboree sales and a pack of 7 that was intended for a birthday gift for my nephew) the whole weekend. I ran out of the house, bought two big bags of m&ms and the potty training fun began. Guillermo joked that Judah spent 16 hours a day on the potty, but no, it was probably like 10 minutes, every forty five minutes. He peed and even pooped in the potty probably about 20 times so far, but he also would yell, I gotta potty, while peeing his underpants.. I think he's worn and had washed all ten pairs of underwear at this point. I found a puddle of pee next to the couch and he peed a little on my comforter and the couch pillow.. so needless to say, my washer/dryer have earned their keep in the last few days. I'm nervous and excited to see how he does in school today. I think he's trying to get the hang of waiting to pee, rather than letting it come out here and there as he pleases, by saturday afternoon, he was saying, I WANT DIAPER (I think he was over the hard work of being back and forth on the toilet and not just able to play without thinking about it)... also, I think transitioning from underwear to diapers is really frustrating for him too. I can tell he's holding it (at night and during his nap) and then he's frustrated when he pees in the diaper... he's trying to figure it all out. So here are my potty training questions. 1. How long did it take for your child to feel the urge to pee with enough time get his pants down and to the toilet before he let it out? I'm thinking short of him living on the toilet for the next several days, we'll be having lots of wet underwear while he masters this... 2. Thankfully I've not had to do this yet, but any stain fighting secrets on getting poop out of underwear? I talked to a friend this morning who said that she just throws them away! ha. I guess that's one option. Which brings me to question 3. Where can you find cool/cheap underwear? I want them to be exciting underwear to him (you know all the silly boy stuff.. elmo, thomas, etc). 4. At what point do you go from getting a treat every time he goes to the bathroom,  to maybe after he's used the potty all day, to no treats? If Judah is 80 lbs heavier next time you see him, you'll know he's done REALLY well using the potty... :) He only gets two m&ms for every pee or poop.... but I swear, it felt like he's eaten 150 m&ms this weekend!  Thanks for any input!!


elizabeth said...

I think that one day poor JuJu is going to not love his Auntie + Uncle + cousins for sitting around on a Sunday while he runs around potty training. OH! The stories we will have to tell. Ha!!!

They are such amazing boys. I love them.

+ If Quinn crawls without me, I will be devastated. After all the hours of practice + coaxing I have put in... He is my boy, I need to be there. ;)


G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

You are absolutely right E. You have put more energy into making him crawl forward then I have! That his your reward, he must crawl forward to his Auntie E!! But you have to congrat yourself, if you say he crawled forward 3 "steps"- that was the most he's ever crawled forward!

The Tylers said...

YEAH!!! That is such great news! I found some good/cheap underwear at Children's Place but it was a SUPER sale. we bought size 2s and size 4...I would stock up whenever you find a super sale. Thomas use to pee pee a little before he made it to the toilet but that didn't last long. When he was training, we would just let him run around with his undies have to be FAST!!! I would make him sit on the toilet and try every 30 min or so in the beginning. It is funny because after a couple of months I said, "Thomas you don't get a piece of candy EVERY time you pee just get 3 pieces a day" Then we knocked it down to 1. He still asks for a piece (he has been potty trained for a year) & sometimes I give it to him. Good luck!!!

Robinson Family said...

IMPRESSIVE! I knew I should've brought Riley with me, then Judah could've given him a talk. Hah! Way to go Judah-Man!

my little kingdom said...

I love love love that huge smile of his while he's sitting on the potty! SO ADORABLE!

... he's growing up too fast! potty training already. :)