Thursday, September 17, 2009

Charles in Charge

...of our days and our nights.... Actually, Judah thinks he's in charge! Judah knows he's not in charge at our house (not that it stops him from trying from time to time), but at daycare, he thinks he rules the roost! Appearantly he told his fellow student two days ago, that he needed to go hit Hayden, since he had hit him (the other kid). When the other kid did not hit Hayden back, when they got in from recess, Judah told Hayden to get in time out!! I guess Judah has the combination of the bossy first child syndrom and my urge to force "justice".
I had to post this picture, even though it's sort of blurry. Guess what Judah is eating here? Gator ribs! We went to this fairly new AMAZING restaurant- Cajun Country Kitchen on Remount Rd. It was delish and very reasonable.

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my little kingdom said...

mmm.. mmm... will have to try that place.