Tuesday, September 22, 2009

31 flavors? Just about as much fun as 31 years!

Am I really 31? I thought I was 21 still?? So my b-day was great fun this year, Japanese steak house with the fam and Taco Boy and dancing with friends. We had so much fun, but after wearing some incredibly hot platform-major high heel boots all night, I had to resort to wearing flip flops. Nothing takes the hip hop out of you than 1. wearing flip flops 2. dancing in major heels and doing the tootsie roll makes you realize that you haven't really worked out in 2 years and are still 30lbs heavier than your "normal" weight  3. realizing that you are probably older than 75% of the people at the club and lastly, 4. thinking, man, it must be late and realizing it's only midnight. But the fact that 1. Guillermo danced with me all night (normally refuses, despite being a good dancer) 2. James & Elizabeth not only planned to take me to a dance club, but went with me for my birthday 3. Cupcakes from cupcake (no diet that weekend was my present to myself) 4. My Mom and Dad agreed to watch Judah & Quinn overnight, even though Judah's sleep habits are crazy right now along with first week of potty training made this one of the best b-days in a looooong time.


Robinson Family said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I cannot believe I missed it! I am writing it down on my calendar right now. Glad you were treated like the queenie you are. LOVE!

my little kingdom said...

Aaaaaaah!! Looks like such a blast!

Made For You By Mrs Woo said...

I saw this tea set and thought of you!