Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The "Peeker"......

We always catch Quinn peeking around corners, peeking around you as you hold him to see the action. As a very small baby as I fed him (and was watching tv) he'd be craning his back and twisting his neck trying to watch tv- he always wants to see what's going on! Nothing gets past this guy!

Dude, I need to find that pot o' gold......

Did you see the amazing rainbow in the sky the other day? Seriously the biggest, brightest most beautiful one I've ever seen! This photo doesn't do it justice. Anyways, on the ride home from daycare, I asked Judah who made the rainbow. We have several Noah's ark books, so I wanted to see if he remembered from the books. Judah said very confidently that "Gabe made rainbow". Now his friend Gabe should be very flattered, that Judah thought a two year old boy made this magnificant rainbow. Of course, I said - no, God made the rainbow. Judah responded very seriously, No Mom, God Made People!
Another good Judah story was when two days ago we were laying in my bed and Judah said, Mama eat Judah's finger? So I indulged him (since I knew he had washed his hands about 100 times that day) and pretended like I was eating his finger. He saw my excitement and asked me to asked if it was yummy? I responded yes! it was VERY yummy. So he stuck his finger in his nose and said with the biggest smile- Want more??? Ummm, yea.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Have you missed these guys??

Judah likes to "read" books and sing to Quinn. Lately he also likes to roar like a monster at Quinn in the car and Quinn tries to roar back!

31 flavors? Just about as much fun as 31 years!

Am I really 31? I thought I was 21 still?? So my b-day was great fun this year, Japanese steak house with the fam and Taco Boy and dancing with friends. We had so much fun, but after wearing some incredibly hot platform-major high heel boots all night, I had to resort to wearing flip flops. Nothing takes the hip hop out of you than 1. wearing flip flops 2. dancing in major heels and doing the tootsie roll makes you realize that you haven't really worked out in 2 years and are still 30lbs heavier than your "normal" weight  3. realizing that you are probably older than 75% of the people at the club and lastly, 4. thinking, man, it must be late and realizing it's only midnight. But the fact that 1. Guillermo danced with me all night (normally refuses, despite being a good dancer) 2. James & Elizabeth not only planned to take me to a dance club, but went with me for my birthday 3. Cupcakes from cupcake (no diet that weekend was my present to myself) 4. My Mom and Dad agreed to watch Judah & Quinn overnight, even though Judah's sleep habits are crazy right now along with first week of potty training made this one of the best b-days in a looooong time.

Potty Training Update:week two. (don't read if you have a weak stomach).

Sooo, here's the good, the bad and the stinky of our experiences with potty training. Judah has gone from loving to sit on the potty to hating to sit on the potty to loving it again. He is soooo proud of himself for being  a big boy and proudly yells "I DID IT" when he's finished. He for some reason, at times doesn't fully express all the urine on the potty, unless you keep encouraging him to make big pee-pees. And he holds it a lot esp at night and during naptimes, so maybe we can move to big boy underwear sooner than I thought too! At home he's done really well-telling us when he has to go 80% of the time, the other times we make him sit there to avoid an accident. At school he only has accidents on the playground. He def hates to stop playing to go inside to use the potty, they're working on that. Potty training has made Judah pretty emotional, he gets frustrated very easy and it's affecting his bed time routine, but all in all, it's been good and he's been doing very well for him starting potty training a week ago at 2 years, 3 months.....I didn't think we'd be here until he was closer to three (which from all of what we've gone through, I think it is best to wait until they are super-ready, if it weren't for daycare, we would've probably waited longer). I think in about another week or so, he should be accident free, as long as daycare cooperates with all of our efforts.  I think he's eaten about 1,000 m&ms and has forced G and I to eat about 3,000 m&ms in the process too. Plus, the only way we can convince him to sit on the potty without getting up is to let him watch tv, so he's probably watched more tv in the past week than in his entire life!
The *highlight* of the whole process, was last week (day #4 potty training) when it was the second time he had a #2 on the potty, he was alone in the living room while Gmo was giving Quinn a bath and I was making Quinn's bottles in the kitchen. I heard G yell, Court- come here!! Judah was standing up, pulling the poop out with his hands (as it's coming out of his body) and throwing it on the floor. The dog picked a piece up in his mouth and rolled it to the other side of the room. G and I stood there with looks of horror and we both wanted to run away. Since he had the soaking wet baby in his arms, guess who got to clean up Judah- now pretty much covered in poo? Me! Hopefully that'll be our one and only incident of poop EVERYWHERE. ;)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Charles in Charge

...of our days and our nights.... Actually, Judah thinks he's in charge! Judah knows he's not in charge at our house (not that it stops him from trying from time to time), but at daycare, he thinks he rules the roost! Appearantly he told his fellow student two days ago, that he needed to go hit Hayden, since he had hit him (the other kid). When the other kid did not hit Hayden back, when they got in from recess, Judah told Hayden to get in time out!! I guess Judah has the combination of the bossy first child syndrom and my urge to force "justice".
I had to post this picture, even though it's sort of blurry. Guess what Judah is eating here? Gator ribs! We went to this fairly new AMAZING restaurant- Cajun Country Kitchen on Remount Rd. It was delish and very reasonable.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You all Rock.

Can I just say, I am so thankful for the good and caring people I am blessed to know- to any level, best friends to acquaintances. You all have been so sweet and encouraging about the obnoxious comment someone left me and my response back to that. My rant and being offended seems so trivial compared to what other people are dealing with and I am truly deeply moved and thankful for each of you who took the time out of your busy day to defend Guillermo & I,  say a kind word, leave a story about about how you felt similiar at one time, or just to encourage. The original comment that someone left that was meant to be hurful, but in the end, I am now encouraged and blessed. It is amazing to know that when you go through a situation in your life, big or small- people "have your back". Elizabeth, Lee, Jackie, Chara & Shelly- you are amazing people, I love you all. Thank you. :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Are you freaking kidding me?

I am in shock right now that there is someone that would write an anonymous comment on my blog about my latest video post. If you want to write a rude comment on my blog- don't be a COWARD, be bold enough to leave your name! And how about this, if you want to write something rude, just don't leave a comment!!  I'm stunned.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Is it really that time?????


And then it started. Potty training. For anyone that has two (or more) kids in diapers, you'd probably think this day would be the best day of our lives! But I was so surprised and shocked (and unprepared) when this happened,  I def wasn't ready for this day. Typically with everything, I read books, articles, debate in my mind different techniques for child-stuff, I talk to experienced moms, I plan, plan, plan... I figured I had lots of time to figure out which technique I'd use to potty train Judah. He def did not seem "ready" in my book.... but, at his daycare, they've started him sitting on the potty (since there is a little potty trained prodigy child in his class, who was completely potty trained by around 20 months.... so they let the other kids sit on the potty when it's time for her to go.. SO... Judah has been asking to sit on the potty at home for about two weeks too. Which of course, we induldge. He has never once actually used the potty, instead wearing it as a hat, throwing his toys in it, walking it around the house like a pot of magic soup. Anyways, saturday morning he actually peed in the potty, shouting "I did it!! YAY Judah"... so I looked at Guillermo probably with the biggest shocked look of OH CRAP, what do we do now look..of course, I don't want to be going back and forth between potty and diapers in awake hours,  so we decided to cancel all weekend plans and let him wear big boy underwear (which we had three, from good gymboree sales and a pack of 7 that was intended for a birthday gift for my nephew) the whole weekend. I ran out of the house, bought two big bags of m&ms and the potty training fun began. Guillermo joked that Judah spent 16 hours a day on the potty, but no, it was probably like 10 minutes, every forty five minutes. He peed and even pooped in the potty probably about 20 times so far, but he also would yell, I gotta potty, while peeing his underpants.. I think he's worn and had washed all ten pairs of underwear at this point. I found a puddle of pee next to the couch and he peed a little on my comforter and the couch pillow.. so needless to say, my washer/dryer have earned their keep in the last few days. I'm nervous and excited to see how he does in school today. I think he's trying to get the hang of waiting to pee, rather than letting it come out here and there as he pleases, by saturday afternoon, he was saying, I WANT DIAPER (I think he was over the hard work of being back and forth on the toilet and not just able to play without thinking about it)... also, I think transitioning from underwear to diapers is really frustrating for him too. I can tell he's holding it (at night and during his nap) and then he's frustrated when he pees in the diaper... he's trying to figure it all out. So here are my potty training questions. 1. How long did it take for your child to feel the urge to pee with enough time get his pants down and to the toilet before he let it out? I'm thinking short of him living on the toilet for the next several days, we'll be having lots of wet underwear while he masters this... 2. Thankfully I've not had to do this yet, but any stain fighting secrets on getting poop out of underwear? I talked to a friend this morning who said that she just throws them away! ha. I guess that's one option. Which brings me to question 3. Where can you find cool/cheap underwear? I want them to be exciting underwear to him (you know all the silly boy stuff.. elmo, thomas, etc). 4. At what point do you go from getting a treat every time he goes to the bathroom,  to maybe after he's used the potty all day, to no treats? If Judah is 80 lbs heavier next time you see him, you'll know he's done REALLY well using the potty... :) He only gets two m&ms for every pee or poop.... but I swear, it felt like he's eaten 150 m&ms this weekend!  Thanks for any input!!

solers + food = happy

Quinn wants regular adult food soooo bad, he tried to climb out of his high chair several times and grab our food. Look at him plotting on Guillermo's food!!
I'm gonna git u sucka.
When Quinn is tired, Guillermo can make him cry just by laughing in a sinister way (I'm going to try to upload the video later).... look at this little sad face!! Have you ever seen anything more pathetic? Makes me wanna run & pick him up from daycare and give him lots and lots of kisses.
Judah thought he was the coolest kid ever when he got to eat an ice cream cone like a big kid!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Yay! No labor for labor day, we went with Q's and my parents to Charlestowne Landing. I climbed over the fences and pretended I was at a petting zoo. The bob cat and I curled up under a tree together while I rubbed his belly. Judah and Quinn loved the long walk and seeing the 4 foot banana spiders in the trees. This the closest thing Charleston has to a zoo, so if you want to have some animal fun- go check it out! Oh, btw- no lions, tigers- but there is a bear!
Big kids in little hats. Tommy want wingy.

Bison- bring me my sippy cup.

Have I mentioned before how much my kids adore their Auntie E & Uncle James?
I think this is the cutest, on-purpose-for-the-camera smile Judah has ever given. Two more people who my kids adore! Their Mimi & Papa! (PS. I'm not sure who put his hat up to look like a whacky little sailor boy?)
Judah's FAVORITE food! Watah-mennon.

Girls just wanna have fun-unnnnnn....Oh girls just wanna have......

Yay! Girl's night (sorry we took the pic after Callie left). To my friends Chara & Lee, and fellow bloggers (see Tyler's and Robinson's Blog link on my blog list)...... it was great to hang out. Chara, you should get an award for having your dinner smashed upside down on the table and your drink poured into your lap and not having a hissy fit! It was great to see you and you need to come back and visit soon!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Put some clothes on, Chuck Norris!!

Do you notice the difference?? When I went to Walmart to buy a calendar for work, this was in April 2009 mind you... this is the ONLY one I could find. I think this stuff is kind of funny, but I can only imagine the looks I'd get if I had a man without a shirt on, hanging on my office wall-so I decided to make do!! 

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Soon to be, Mrs. Jacques.....

Weekend before last, I helped throw a wedding shower for my sister Rebecca in ATL, it was much *yellow* fun! And she was very blessed.

This is my older sister Julie (on left) with my shower date, Quinn, who- btw was awesome on both flights and the best baby all weekend!  On the right is Rebecca's incredibly sweet maid of honor, Christina..... who my boys adore (btw).....

Rebecca painted this picture, she's super creative! And my Mom and Julie made this awesome feast. My question is this.. all of Rebecca's friends are skinny girls.... why were all the strombolis and bacon/cheese bites gone by the end of the shower, but the fresh veggies were barely touched? Just a thought.... ;)

Rebecca got a kick out of the games......

I was in charge of dreaming up a wedding favor. I wanted to do something fun & unusual, so I decided on stamped metal magnets. Thankfully I'm married to a man who knows lots of other guys with *man talents* so our sweet friend Peyton, who is a metal smith (is that the right word) and a welder, knew a guy who could cut and round the edges of metal peices. I was at a total loss as I walked around Home Depot for hours looking for small metal peices that couldn't be used as a shank (cut metal is crazy sharp, as I learned)... Guillermo -as it turns out has been stamping metal at his job for years, stamped these like a pro. My Mom & him had a little assembly line going on! Anyways, now I'm trying to dream up all the thinks I can stamp in metal! We had a few mishaps along the road, including a newspaper permenantly "pressed" into our dining room table, but I was really proud of the end product!

Sweet love song sayings..... this was probably my favorite.......(can you read it without having an Ally McBeal moment and hearing Barry White's voice in your head? I can't, even though, I'm not sure I've ever heard this song before)

PS. This new posting format is making me insane! Am I doing this wrong? I can't get my pictures to line up with my comments...Why did I upgrade my blogger. Boo. :( If you have any tips, please let me know.....