Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I've worked a lot in my life, I'm not saying that in an obnoxious way, it's just what I've always done. In college (full time student) I basically worked full time between two and three part time jobs. When I worked at the Taylor Agency, I also had the part time job at the clinic. At CPD I worked about 50-60 hours a week, working off duty whenever I could to make extra money. Now that I'm a Mom, I realize that working 45 hours a week, then coming home and trying to be 100% for your kids, is the hardest job (s) I've ever worked. And I feel like I've been working non-stop for about two years now- since all my time off is for sick kids. I NEVER work extra at work anymore (thank God), except for budget season (the past two months). So for my own mental sanity, I told Guillermo, despite not having money for a vacation, I NEEDED a vacation! :) SOooooo... I started brainstorming and got a really good rate at my favorite hotel in Mt Pleasant. Charleston Harbor Resort. For $129.00 we got a room (with a view, overlooking the trash cans- ha- hey, for $129 dollar room, that is normally over $200 *thanks priceline*-I'd look at a lot of unsightly things) and had unlimited use of their pool for a whole day. We had an awesome day and my parents came too! The kids didn't sleep that well, I played musical beds that night and eventually Quinn and I went joy riding around Mt P at 6am, but nothing could dampen my staycation. Not even my sprained ankle- when I tripped friday in the parking lot at work- but that's another story.... I felt like I was on a tropical island for one day and it was amazing! If anyone reading this ever feels like they need to get away but don't have the leave or money to go far, consider doing this- it was the best $129 bucks we've spent in a long time and regaining some of my sanity was a priceless fringe of the day and night away "from my problems!!!!" (sorry- had to throw in the What About Bob line, I wasn't really escaping my problems- except work, I suppose, I consider it a problem that the lottery commision hasn't called me yet and advised me that although I don't play the lottery, they're going to give me a $100 million dollars so I don't have to work anymore).

My parents are so patient and awesome with the kids, if we were all together there for one more day, I bet they would've taught Judah how to swim without the swimmies! Quinn- like my Dad (his namesake) is part fish, he could've stayed in that water for hours!

Guillermo enjoying a moment of lounging in the pool while "Mimi and Papa" watched the kids..

Island boy!

Judah never wanted to leave and threw fits whenever it was time to get out... if I were 2 and not 30, I may have thrown a fit myself....

Guillermo and I even got to watch a sunset on the docks while the kids were pretty much asleep from their long day in the stroller!

My little monkeys. I think we need to do this again next weekend.... ;)


my little kingdom said...

Awe, you sooo deserved that Courtney! I'm so glad ya'll got to "get away" from your worries for a night. What beautiful pictures too. I know Judah and Quinn had such a blast. They are such water babies!!

Robinson Family said...

STAYcations are the BEST when living in Charleston. Not sure a visit to the Confederate Museum is what I'd want to do for a Richmond STAYcation.