Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The most beautiful message taped to my child's back!

Judah has been very, hmmmm how do I put this tactfully - NAUGHTY in daycare lately. Every day we get the disappointing report. And lately Guillermo's even been forced to leave work and go to daycare in the middle of the day because our form of problem solving and behavior modification works a LOT better than daycare's method of solving behavior problems. ANYways, yesterday, when I went to pick him up, his teachers had just left for the day but wanted us to get this message, which they taped on his back. Wow. If only this were the report EVERY day! I'm going to claim he's turning over a new leaf and starts to mind his teachers like he minds us at home! :)


my little kingdom said...

Yeah Judah!! What a great note at the end of your day!! AWESOME!!

Robinson Family said...

Way to go Judah-Man! So proud of you. And KUDOS to the parentals!