Wednesday, August 19, 2009

If playing is my job, I deserve a raise!

Quinn wants to be one of the big boys, to be mobile, to play with everything that Judah is playing with and to always be on the go, or to reach for stuff constantly (not cool if you wear glasses, btw).. this is such a fun stage, where babies are so intrigued by the world around them... but as Quinn gets more independent, I get more sad that he's getting bigger and not my little mama's boy anymore.... happy to just stare and smile at me.

95% of the time, they play really well together.. have I mentioned Judah is rough? 110% boy? Well, he definitely takes after his Dad in that department. Growing up, Guillermo's Mom used to call it "Amore de Muerte" (sorry if that's not 100% correct translation, or misspelled) which means, love that kills, because even when he's trying to be loving by giving hugs, it's not just a normal bear hug- it's like an anaconda hug/vice grip. Judah inherited this from his Dad and now instead of giving Quinn normal hugs, he smashes him into his chest, or he hugs him and rolls over onto the floor. Quinn is the toughest kid I know, no matter what Judah does to him- he smiles in complete admiration. Quinn says- Amore de Muerte- bring it on!


thetalbotts said...

Those two are so precious!

By the way, Chris saw your blog and is ready to shoot at some crayons now. He thought that was the greatest idea! Haha!

Robinson Family said...

Quinn will be set for life with a bro like Judah. I frequently tell Riley he needs to take his "toughen up pills." He is now just getting to the point where he can shake things off and not whine.

JackRussell said...

I can't believe how old Quinn is getting. And I can't believe how different they look from each other!! Noa's got a little bit of that amore de muerte going on around here lately. Thankfully, it is a girl form of it - a tiny bit gentler... :)

my little kingdom said...

They are so adorable. It's so precious when little brothers get a long so well. You can totally see how much Quinn adores his big brother. What a blessing!